Want to recognize who the tiny Mix boyfriends are? What's their net worth? What was little Mix's initial name? Here's every little thing you need to know around the UK's best girl band.

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They"ve been just one of the world"s biggest bands for the past couple of years, yet if you"re only just getting familiar with small Mix, we"ve obtained you extended with every little thing you must know about Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

> Inside small Mix"s Homes: Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, and also Leigh-Anne Pinnock"s significant Houses

Who are small Mix?

Little Mix space a british girl band who were developed on The X Factor ~ auditioning as solo artists, and also went ~ above to victory the display in 2011.

What was little Mix"s initial name?

The band were referred to as Rhythmix on The X Factor for a couple of weeks till they realised a Brighton-based music charity already had the name, for this reason became tiny Mix instead.


(Getty)What is little Mix"s net worth?

Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade and also Jesy"s combined net precious is around £24 million, making your individual net worths around £6 million each due to their huge success over the years.

How old are tiny Mix?

Perrie Edwards" date of bear is 10th July 1993, making her 27 year old.

Jesy Nelson"sdate of bear is 14th June 1991, making her 29 years old.

Jade Thirlwall"sdate of birth is 26th December 1992, making she 27 year old.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock"sdate of bear is 4th October 1991, making her 28 year old.



Do lock have any kind of brothers or sisters?

Yes, Leigh-Anne has two sisters, Sarah and Sian-Louise Pinnock. Jesy has actually a sister dubbed Jade and also two brothers referred to as Joesph and also Jonathan. Jade has a brother referred to as Karl and Perrie has actually an older brother dubbed Jonnie.

Who are tiny Mix"s boyfriends?

All that the girls are at this time in relationships. Perrie is dating footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jesy is now dating our Girl actor Sean Sagar, Leigh-Anne is involved to footballer Andre Gray and Jade dating Rizzle Kicks star Jordan Stephens.

When is tiny Mix"s following album going to be released?

Little Mix have released five albums dubbed "DNA", "Salute", "Get Weird", "Glory Days" and "LM5". Their 5th album was released at the tail finish of 2018. Their brand-new album, "Confetti" will certainly be released in November, ~ the girl dropped that is debut solitary "Break-Up Song" previously this year.

When are small Mix going on tour?

Little Mix postponed their summer 2020 tour because of the pandemic, yet have announced your "Confetti" tour of the UK will start in April 2021.

Have small Mix won any kind of awards?

Little Mix have actually won a BRIT Award for British solitary Of The Year because that "Shoutout To mine Ex", 2 Cosmopolitan women Of The Year Awards, 3 Glamour Awards, three an international Awards for finest Group, finest British Artist Or Group and also Best song for "Power", one iHeartRadio Award, two MTV EMAs and a Kids" selection Award.

How tall are little Mix?

Perrie is 5"2", Jesy is 5"3", Jade is 5"3" and also Leigh anne is 5"4".

Do small Mix have any type of pets?

Yes, Perrie has a Pomeranian dog called Hatchi and a bulldog called Travis, Jesy has actually two Pomeranian dogs, Reggie and Oscar, and also Leigh Anne has two dogs called Harvey and also Maurice. Jade is the just one without any pets, though she once adopted a beetle referred to as Barry!

You can uncover out much more about tiny Mix"s pets here!

Are small Mix feminists?

Yes, the girl are always sticking up for your fans and also their ideal to wear and dance yet they want. The band gave a very an effective speech in ~ the global Awards, hitting earlier at push backlash because that their phase costumes and also dance moves.

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Do any of small Mix have tattoos?

All that the girls other than Perrie have tattoos. You can check them all out v our handy small Mix tattoo guide right here.