Definition noun, plural: myofilaments any type of of the filaments comprised of proteins and also comprise the myofibril Supplement Myofilaments room threadlike structures that consist of the myofibril inside the muscle cabinet (or muscle fiber). There are two main varieties of myofilaments: (1) slim filaments and (2) thick filaments. In a bones muscle, the myofilaments space arranged in a repeating sample of light and also dark bands. Every unit is referred to as a sarcomere, i m sorry is the an easy functional unit of a muscle. In smooth muscle, the filaments room not i ordered it in a consistent pattern, for this reason they appear smooth as soon as viewed with the microscope. The slim filament (about 7 nm in diameter) is comprised of two strands the actin and also a strand of regulatory protein conversely, the special filament (about 15 nm in diameter) is consisted of of staggered arrays the myosin molecules.1 Another kind of filament is dubbed elastic filament that is only about 1 nm in diameter. It anchors the thick filament come the Z-line that a sarcomere. Word origin: Greek mûs (mouse; muscle) + Latin filamentum, filare, filum (thread) See also:

actin myofibril myocyte

Reference(s): 1 Campbell, N. A. (1998). Biology. Mountain Francisco: Benjamin Cummings.

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