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We’ve compiled a perform of the 5 finest dry mustard substitute alternatives to assist you choose the appropriate one for her recipe. Dry mustard is a spice supplied in much more ways and an ext dishes 보다 you might think. 

It’s do from ground mustard seed to enhance the smell in all kinds the dishes. Yet it may not be something you always have comfortable in her spice rack.

Mustard seed are exceptionally tiny and come native three different varieties the the mustard plant: black, brown, and also white/yellow. Often, in nations like Bangladesh and also Pakistan, the seeds are harvested and roasted before being added to key whole.

When they are toasted, they make a popping, crackling sound that suggests readiness and also releases an extreme aroma right into the air. The seeds space then added to a dish totality or room ground to become the powder we understand as dried mustard.


1. Best All-Around Substitute-Eden Yellow Mustard, Organic2. McCormick Gourmet organic Yellow Mustard Seed3. Frontier Turmeric source Ground4. Essential Horseradish source Powder5. Clearspring – necessary Wasabi PowderDry Mustard substitute Buyer’s GuideFrequently request Questions

Pungency & Flavor

Mustard powder offers pungency and also a details amount of heat when included to dishes. The yellow mustard powder often found on American shelves is a little milder than the brown, spicier version discovered in many asian markets. 

So we’ve made this list with the yellow mustard variety in mind. But be aware that with most of this substitutes, you deserve to simply include a little more of them to crank increase the spice level.

Choosing the best substitute relies on what kind of food you’re preparing. For instance, girlfriend can add dry mustard come mac and also cheese to offer it a more facility flavor. Or friend can add it come a dry rub to odor meat for crockpot meals. You have the right to even integrate it with liquids prefer citrus juice or vinegar to do a dipping sauce.

Substitute for Dry Mustard comparison Table

ImageOur RatingPrice


As us did through our ideal Substitutes for Coriander and also our 5 Cumin Substitutes articles, we’ve uncovered the best products ~ above the industry to help you prepare your pantry for any type of situation. Dried mustard have the right to have a strong flavor. However all kinds of dishes have the right to be intensified if it’s used in the ideal way.

The substitute you select will count on the food you’re creating. In sum, these five alternatives we’ve liked will offer you a wide range of options to pick from once you’re making your decision.

1. Ideal All-Around Substitute-Eden Yellow Mustard, Organic

This is a pure, organic product that is a great option if you’re trying to find a an easy ingredient with no fuss. It come in a heat-sealed, USDA food class bag for this reason you know you’re gaining a safe, high quality product.

If you’re looking for a jarred summer sprouts that will stand increase in your cabinet and be straightforward to find, this product may not be because that you. Yet if you nothing mind regulating a bag, this spice’s simple, clean ingredient and packaging might be exactly what girlfriend need.

For Spice lover Only

As a substitute, horseradish root powder works great for countless of the same factors wasabi does. It’s spicy and likewise comes from the Brassicaceae scientific family. So the shares numerous flavor features with mustard and also wasabi.

This product might not be because that you if you don’t choose a lot of bitterness and also spice. But if you’re searching for a solid hit that spicy flavor, it might be specifically what she looking for. Shot this spice as a dried mustard instead of in any kind of recipe however remember to start with only half the encourage amount. Too much horseradish can easily overpower a dish or give it a bitter flavor.

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5. Clearspring – organic Wasabi Powder

This essential product is a good choice because that a substitute for dry mustard. Wasabi and also mustard are both a part of the very same scientific family: Brassicaceae. They share comparable qualities and can work-related well together a swap because that each other with a small bit the care.

Wasabi powder is a good product if she the type to desire a most spice from your dry mustard. Use it through caution, even if that warmth is precisely what you looking for. This product deserve to come across as bitter at an initial and calls for a little of preparation to use it to its full benefit.

When you’re using it together a substitute, you’ll desire to start with adding just half of what the recipe calls for. Girlfriend can constantly add much more once did you do it tasted your dish.

Great budget plan Option

This product indigenous Clearspring come in a 3.5-ounce jar. If friend love to cook asian food or enjoy exploring with spice, you’ll love this wasabi powder. It’s likewise a good option for spending plan buyers looking for a wasabi flavor there is no the pure wasabi price. This product is a mix of wasabi and horseradish powder which keeps the price lower.

If you’re looking for pure wasabi powder, you’ll desire to look elsewhere. That perfect for family members who want a little bit of spice merged with that Japanese flavor.


great budget friendly choice. Wonderful substitute in eastern dishes. Spicy option for adventurous chefs.

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Dry Mustard instead of Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking for the best selection for a dried mustard substitute, you’ve obtained several considerations from heat level to flavor undertones. It’s your job to determine the best selection and the ideal heat level for her recipe.

We’ve created this guide for you v your demands in mind, native substitutes come ratios. Making your very own mustard is an easy procedure that you can do regularly. This video clip shows you how mustard is made in ~ home:

Here room a few things to think about as you deciding top top the finest product to add to your pantry and use together a substitute.

What is dry Mustard?

Mustard is both a green and also a seed. The tree itself is regarded both broccoli and brussels sprouts. Mustard green is a leaf that’s provided in salads or in stews, comparable to the way collard greens are provided in the American South.

Mustard greens have a strong, peppery flavor, but do no share lot in terms of flavor through the mustard seed. Also, we will certainly not attend to the leafy component of the tree in this article. Yet if you’re feeling adventurous, it’s worth trying this healthy green out next time you’re at the farmer’s market.

The mustard particle is the extremely tiny spice i beg your pardon is ground to create dry mustard. It’s offered most regularly to give a mustard flavor come dishes however can likewise be merged with vinegar to pickle things. You have the right to use them entirety or grind lock for her dish. Whole mustard seeds will certainly stay much more flavorful longer than dried mustard will.

Substitute Flavors

When you’re choosing a substitute, it’s crucial to take into consideration the odor you desire to lug out in your recipe. What space you missing most by not using dry mustard? If it’s the heat, you’ll desire to try using wasabi or horseradish powder.

Turmeric is a good option if you desire warm, earthy undertones in the background of her dish. However, if she disappointed in the blandness of your dry mustard due to the fact that it’s remained in your pantry too long, reach for the mustard seeds. Lastly, ready mustard will be your best bet if you’re do a salad dressing and also want to include a liquid.

If you’re not a fan of really spicy mustard, you’ll desire to remain away from using wasabi and horseradish powder as a substitute because that dry mustard. Lock can conveniently make her dish as well spicy also if you usage them sparingly.

Getting the proportion Right

You’ve gained it pretty easy if you’re making use of mustard seed for your substitute. Simply grab her measuring spoon and toss these seeds right into a grinder or mortar and also pestle at a 1:1 ratio. They’ll meld smoothly right into your dish through no fuss.

If you’ve determined to walk with all set mustard for your dish, you’ll desire to use around a tablespoon because that every teaspoon of dried mustard referred to as for in your recipe. This is because dry mustard provides a an ext concentrated smell than all set mustard does.

For turmeric, you can conveniently use a 1:1 ratio with no extra occupational to grind her spice. This alternative is a good choice if you’re not interested in including a many of warm in your dish. It’s likewise the most basic conversion with the least amount that work.

For wasabi and horseradish flour substitutions, psychic to simply start with half of the recommended amount of dry mustard. Lastly, you have the right to always add more, however you can’t take it the spicy odor out once it’s in your dish!

Health benefits of dry Mustard and its Substitutes

Dry mustard is claimed to have actually antibacterial and also antiseptic qualities. The high in selenium which is a nutrient known to have actually anti-inflammatory properties. This spice is additionally high in magnesium i beg your pardon may help reduce the severity that asthma attacks. In sum, it’s an all about surprising small spice pack with great benefits because that the body. Girlfriend can examine out a an ext complete perform of all the services of dry mustard here.

With Eden Yellow Mustard, you’re not only acquiring all the benefits of dry mustard. You’re also getting the healthy and balanced perks of apple cider vinegar which encompass blood street control and weight loss boosting properties. 

Turmeric likewise has its wellness benefits and also is a favorite in the keto community. It has many immune raising properties. In addition, the may help boost antioxidant levels in your body and also might even help with pain relief.

Wasabi is claimed to be useful with load loss and may help fight inflammation. Horseradish may assist fight urinary tract infections and is a good source that vitamin C, one immune booster. Both spices may advantage people through respiratory illnesses prefer asthma.

Brand Considerations

Most of the products on this list are organic but all room quality environment-friendly products.

If girlfriend are familiar with Frontier products and like come shop because that this environmentally conscious brand, be aware that this turmeric is no a certified essential product. You might want to choose a different substitute indigenous this list if purchase organic is vital to you.

If girlfriend are most interested in a worth product, you could want come opt because that the Clearspring necessary Wasabi Powder. Back it’s no a pure wasabi powder, the will provide you the wasabi flavor at a lower cost.

Versatility may additionally be vital consideration because that you. If so, you can use the Eden Yellow Mustard top top sandwiches and also in dressings as soon as you’re done making use of it as a substitute for your recipe.

The horseradish powder in the USDA heat-sealed packaging is a good choice if you’re in search of a lot of spice in her substitute.

You need to think about the requirements of your family members when you’re choosing a substitute. There’s something for everyone on this perform we’ve compiled. In addition, you need to follow your choice for flavor, packaging, and also budget and also you’ll find the finest dry mustard instead of in no time.

Frequently request Questions

Q: What is the finest dry mustard instead of to use?

A: the depends totally on the recipe you’re needing the instead of for. Because that liquids favor salad dressings or soups, it might be easiest to use prepared mustard as your substitute. When it pertains to dry rubs for meat, think about what freckles level you prefer. Try wasabi or horseradish if you desire a spicy asian chicken rub. Turmeric would be a great choice if you’re searching for an earthy, warm flavor. If you don’t mind doing a little of extra occupational to get specifically the same flavor as dry mustard, break out your grinder and grind your very own mustard seeds.

Q: Are dried mustard, soil mustard, and mustard flour the same?

A: Yes, all of these spices are made of soil mustard seeds.

Q: How perform I obtain a mustard stain out of mine clothes?

A: it’s a tricky project. The worth pointing out that numerous of the commodities on this list, from turmeric to all set mustard come the dry mustard can cause stains in clothing. This write-up might be helpful if you discover yourself or your kids a little much more yellow at the end of her recipe 보다 you were prior to you started!

Q: just how long will certainly dry mustard keep?

A: It must stay shelf stable for about three to four years. Whole mustard seeds will continue to be fresh for longer than that.

Q: Is dried mustard spicy?

A: It relies on i beg your pardon variety/color of mustard seed the ground from. White and also yellow mustard seed are typically milder than their brown and also black cousins. If you’re feeling adventurous and also want to use a really spicy dry mustard, you can buy yellow Chinese mustard seeds and also grind them you yourself to make an extremely spicy powder.


Your options for dry mustard substitutes come in a lot of various forms and price ranges. As soon as you’re hunting for the best one, you’ll desire to consider the needs of your family, the flavors you prefer, and also the style of your recipe.

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Whether you’re do a sandwich, a dressing, meat, or mac and cheese, there’s something on this perform to fit her needs. This wholesome, top quality products also come through a variety of wellness benefits and options for those through tricky to monitor diets. Remember the the prepared mustard on this list is a corn-free option!

Each the these products will serve your family in a range of various other ways, specifically if you’re a fan of ethnic cooking. Many of these commodities work well in eastern dishes, yet you can also use lock if you’re a pan of German food or gain pickling the produce from her garden or farmer’s market. 

We hope that after reading our detailed dry mustard substitute reviews and substantial buying guide, you’ll have all the information you need to select the best dry mustard substitute options that room perfect for her pantry.