So I found some pumpkin seed in an exit mineshaft and I planted lock in mine garden.

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I grew huge square pumpkins. When I harvest them, ns didn"t acquire pumpkin seeds, favor I do with wheat, carrots, and also potatoes.

So I have two questions.

1. How do i get an ext pumpkin seeds.

2. What perform you perform with the pumpkins as well as make funny hats ?



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Hello Pappo46 ... Bartin below -__-

When girlfriend harvest a pumpkin,you harvest the squash itself and not the stalk ... Thus, after some time a new "pumpkin" will prosper that deserve to be harvester again -__-

And as "TeamErmia" mentioned ... The pumpkin, favor its melon counterpart, have the right to be placed in a "crafting slot" together an input whereby seeds will be the calculation


Pumpkins room tradeable, yet you require a Farmer villager and you"ll must trade v it a couple times to obtain to that deal.

Yea, Jack-O"Lanterns are most likely the ideal use for Pumpkins. Take light level 14 torch, put it inside a pumpkin and you get a irradiate level 15 Jack-O"Lantern, the highest light level in the game. It"s the same light level as glowstone and also sea lanterns, however easier to get.

The just drawback come Jack-O"Lanterns is lock can"t be inserted directly against walls or ceilings. Friend must ar them on a block (as protest to versus one like the others). Of food you can always place a block to placed them on and then break it, yet it"s a little bit of extra work.

As someone else pointed out, you have the right to use the challenge to indicate direction, however you can likewise use the stem to allude diagonally (at least in an ext recent execution of the game). A pumpkin or Jack-O"Lantern in the ground with the stem dealing with NW, SW, SE or NE likewise makes a good path marker.

I have mixed feelings around using pumpkins in The End, due to the fact that they restrict your vision therefore much. I ended up not using one once I take it on the dragon.

EDIT: ns really hate the default texture of Pumpkins and also Jack-O"Lanterns. They room so fugly, and also it"s simply plain silly the pumpkins have encounters when growing. I ended up making my own texture for them.


It"s a 32x32 structure I use in conjunction through Vattic"s Faithful32 resource pack (with a nod to Misa, that I obtained the idea from). The Jack-O"Lantern light is animated.

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Oh, and also no encounters on pumpkins (or snow Golems, as a side affect, but I don"t usage them much).