Leopard geckos (opens in new tab) room small, insectivorous lizards indigenous to the deserts that Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Iran.

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Their cute appearance, small size, and easy husbandry requirements make lock a famous pet for smashville247.net keepers.

Unlike plenty of other lizards, which may require differed diets from different food groups and unique food preparation techniques, the food selection of a pet leopard gecko is fairly straightforward: live insects and vitamins.

In fact, the simplest mistake to make as soon as caring for and also feeding her leopard gecko is come overfeed it. These small guys usually have voracious appetites and also will happy gorge us with every little thing food is available.

However, similar to in humans and any other animal species, weight problems is a severe health problem and also can dramatically shorten her pet’s lifespan.

Reduced appetite is another dietary difficulty that leopard gecko owners might face.

Rest assured, food strikes are common in just about every smashville247.net types and, many thanks to their slow metabolisms, usually only require a tiny bit that time and patience.

Accompanied by great habitat through the suitable temperature, humidity, hides, and exercise opportunities, a ideal diet will ensure that your pets gecko stays a long, healthy, and happy life.

If you room looking to acquisition a smashville247.net pet that is strong and healthy, instead of sickly and malnourished - you must never purchase a smashville247.net indigenous a pet store. Uncover out the three factors why here.

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What do Leopard Geckos Eat?

New leopard gecko hiding and also refusing to eat? are afraid not! This is quite standard actions for most brand-new smashville247.nets who endure high tension when inserted in a brand-new tank and with brand-new owners. Offer your small guy or girl some time to warm up come you, commonly 2-3 weeks. They’ll come roughly if you’re patient.

The first step to fixing this difficulty is come relax

Cold-blooded smashville247.nets have actually slow cradle systems; they’ve evolved to withstand days, weeks, and in part cases, months without eating when the problems aren’t ideal.

7 reasons Your Leopard Gecko might Be ~ above a Hunger Strike

Rest assured, if your leopard gecko is no eating… there’s a reason! take into consideration the adhering to 7 factors below.

Reason #1: Stress

This is especially typical for newly acquired leopard geckos. This situation simply calls for patience.

New leopard geckos deserve to go over a mainly without agree food.

Avoid managing your brand-new pet for the very first week, or till it’s eating consistently. Even after the very first week, part stressed-out geckos may be finicky eaters because that several much more weeks.

Any changes, even tiny ones, come their atmosphere or enclosure can cause this cycle to repeat itself.

Reason #2: Temperature

Leopard geckos are ectothermic, definition they count on the ecological temperature to warm their body. Without heat, they can’t digest your food.

If they can’t digest their food, they aren’t walk to want to eat.

Ensure the your leopard gecko has access to a basking point out or hide that consistently procedures 87-94°F.

Reason #3: Shedding

Many leopard geckos will refuse food for a couple of days before and a few days after castle shed.

Also, they usually eat their melted skin. Weird, ns know. But remember, they’re tiny gluttons.

Reason #4: adjustment Season

The reproduction season because that leopard geckos typically starts roughly January and also lasts up till June or July.

Females that space ovulating might not have an appetite, however egg production takes a most resources, and also they’ll require extra food and supplements once their appetite choose up.

Even if her female leopard gecko wasn’t presented to a masculine for breeding, she could produce infertile eggs. She may even eat them.

Males can also become therefore distracted v trying to discover a companion that they shed interest in food during the breeding season, too.

⭐️ Fun Fact: Did friend know, woman leopard geckos lay simply 1 come 2 eggs every clutch? sound pretty manageable considering various other smashville247.nets, such together the moustache dragon deserve to lay a whopping 20 (and in part instances also more!) eggs every clutch!

Reason #5: Brumation

Even though our pets leopard geckos live inside regulated environments, they’ve retained numerous of their instincts, and their internal organic clock is tho ticking.

Minor temperature and also lighting transforms in the so late Fall and also early Winter may reason your leopard gecko to get in a state the brumation.

They’ll come to be less energetic and protect against eating, however you might still see them move roughly the enclosure and drink water.

Reason #6: Disease

If you’ve ruled the end the above feasible scenarios and your leopard gecko seems sickly, an epidemic or parasites might be the cause.

In this case, it’s finest to gain your pet to an experienced smashville247.net veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Reason #7: gastrointestinal Blockage

If you keep your leopard gecko on loose substrate, a gastrointestinal blockage is a very real possibility.

This is why it’s important be fine educated ~ above ALL her leopard gecko substrate options.

Symptoms include:

Food refusalRegurgitationNo bowel movements

This is one EMERGENCYand can be fatal if left untreated.

If you doubt a gastrointestinal blockage, take her leopard gecko come an knowledgeable smashville247.net veterinary as quickly as possible.

Wrapping increase Leopard Gecko Diet & Feeding Guide

If you room looking to purchase a smashville247.net pet that is solid and healthy, instead of sickly and also malnourished - you need to never purchase a smashville247.net indigenous a pet store. Discover out the three reasons why here.

Congratulations ~ above finishing this crash course in leopard gecko diet and nutrition! You’re currently ready to serve your leopard gecko a long life of health and also happiness thanks to a suitable diet!

As a final takeaway, remember to constantly monitor your leopard gecko’s weight closely, utilizing a range that weighs in grams.

Drastic load gain and extreme weight loss space equally detrimental to her pet’s health, yet now girlfriend know just how you have the right to resolve either issue by paying fist to feeder insect nutritional content, feeding frequency, environmental conditions, and providing veterinary care as needed.

Remember the basics: bugs, water, and also vitamins.

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Variety the insect types, and also gut-loading the insects before offering them to her leopard gecko will ensure a nutritionally finish diet. Pair that perfect diet with best habitat, and also you and your tiny leo can enjoy many happy year together.