Career cluster Descriptions

Agriculture, Food & organic Resources job ClusterOccupations involved in this pathway are regarded agriculture, the environment, and also natural resources, including earth science, ecological science, maritime science, plant science, and animal science. These might include: horticulturist, fish/game warden, conservationist, biological scientist, geologist, veterinarian, and also production agriculture.

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Architecture & building and construction Career ClusterOccupations affiliated in this pathway are pertained to designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining the constructed environment. These might include: Architect, computer Aided Drafter (CAD), Planner, Surveyor, Carpenter, Electrician, Heating, Ventilation, wait Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) mechanic, Painter, Plumber, or Contractor.
Arts, A/V technology & communication Career ClusterOccupations associated in this pathway design, produce, exhibit, perform, write, and also publish multimedia content consisting of visual and also performing arts and design, journalism, and also entertainment services. These may include: video clip graphics, unique effects, and also animation, movie and video editors, audio systems technician, audio/visual technicians, reporters, radio and also TV announcers, photographers, inner designers, and also telecommunication equipment and also repair.
Business, administration & administration Career ClustersOccupations involved in the organization environment include planning, organizing, directing and assessing business functions essential to efficient and productive service operations. Company Management and management career opportunities are obtainable in every sector of the economy. These may include: Entrepreneur, Chief executive, management Officer, federal government Manager, Supervisor, person Resources Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Office Manager, and Administrative Assistant.
Finance job ClustersOccupations affiliated in finance include planning, services for financial and investment planning, bank, insurance, and also business jae won management. These may include: personal Finance Advisors, taxes Preparation Specialist, Accountants, Collectors, Certified to buy Professionals, Loan Officers, Auditors, and Underwriters.
Education and Training career ClusterOccupations involved in education and training encompass planning, managing, and provide education and also training services, and also related learning support services. These may include: elementary school and second educators, Administrators, Supervisors and also Coordinators, Principals, Superintendents, social Workers, Counselors, Teacher Aides, Librarians, and also College Professors.
Government and also Public administration Career ClusterOccupations connected in government and also public administration encompass executing governmental functions to include: Governance, nationwide Security, international Service, Planning, Revenue and also Taxation, Regulation, and Management and management at the local, state, and federal levels.
Health science Career ClusterOccupations connected in wellness science encompass the planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, wellness informatics, assistance services, and also biotechnology research and also development. These might include: Certified Nurse Assistant, medical Assistant, Nurse, Pharmacist, Radiologist, Physician, Dentist, Admitting Clerk, Dietician, Biomedical Technician, and also Quality Assurance Technician.
Hospitality and Tourism job ClusterOccupations affiliated in Hospitality and Tourism includes the management, marketing and operations that restaurants and other food services, lodging, attractions, recreation events and travel related services. They may include: Restaurants & Food/Beverage Services, Lodging, take trip & Tourism, Recreation, and also Amusements & Attractions
Human solutions Career ClustersOccupations connected in person services prepare individuals for employed staff in career pathways that relate to families and also human needs. These might include: Child care Directors, Teacher Assistants, Clinical Psychologist, school Counselors, Social services Worker, Cosmetologist, Funeral Morticians/Embalmers, Customer business Representatives, and Sales Consultants.
Information an innovation Career ClusterOccupations pertained to information an innovation build linkages come IT occupations framework from entry level to expert careers concerned the design, development, support, and also management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services. These may include: Network Administrator, solution Administrator, Network Specialist/Technician, Database Management, desktop Publisher, maintenance Technician, Media Specialist, internet Designer, software Engineer, and also Computer Engineer.
Law, publicly Safety, Corrections and also Security job ClusterOccupations related to law, windy safety, corrections and also security include planning, managing, and also providing legal, windy safety, protective services and also homeland security, consisting of professional and technical assistance services. These might include: Warden, jail Administrator, Probation/Parole Officer, Attorney, Emergency monitoring and solution Coordinator, defense Officer, Emergency Dispatcher, Police Officer, Paramedic, Private/Corporate Investigator, it Specialist, Sheriff, Border Patrol Officer, custom-mades Officer, Park Ranger, Court Reporter, and Legal Assistant.
Manufacturing career ClusterOccupations relating come manufacturing incorporate planning, managing, and performing the handling of materials into intermediate and also final products and also related professional and technical support activities such as manufacturing planning and also control, maintenance and manufacturing/process engineering. These may include: Assembler, maker Operator, Painter, Welder, electronics Engineer, Quality regulate Technician, web traffic Shipping and Receiving Clerk, and Safety Coordinator.
Marketing job ClusterOccupations relating to marketing incorporate planning, managing, and also performing marketing activities to reach organizational objectives. These may include: Entrepreneurs, Salespersons, Customer company Representatives, Account Executives, proclaiming Managers, Public relations Officers, Marketing Associates, Database Managers, strategic Planners, and Analysts.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and also Mathematics career ClusterOccupations relating come Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics include planning, managing, and providing clinical research, and also professional and also technical services (e.g., physical science, social science, and also engineering), consisting of laboratory and also testing services, research and advance services. These may include: Aerospace Engineer, agricultural Engineer, architecture Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, computer Engineer, computer system Programmer, Drafter, Electrician, commercial Engineer, mechanically Engineer, task Manager, Biologist, CAD operator, Mathematician, Physicist, scientific research Teacher, and Statistician.

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Transportation, Distribution, and also Logistics job ClusterOccupations relating Transportation, Distribution and Logistics encompass planning, management, and movement the people, materials, and also goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and also water, and also related professional and technical support services such as transportation framework planning and also management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance. These might include: Dispatchers, Air web traffic Controllers, Railyard Conductors, Ship/Boat Captains, truck Drivers, Logistics Managers, basic Managers, plane Mechanics, Automotive body Repairers, Automotive business Technicians, metropolitan Planners, Compliance Inspectors, ecological Scientists, take trip Agents, and also Cargo and Freight Agents.