Ready for great TV? obtaining started v your DISH® TV service from is easy. Here"s every you must know:

track to channel 101—the dish Network Neighborhood—for a 30-minute routine that will overview you with your brand-new services. Make any changes to your DISH service with a contact to 1.888.742.0239.

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Task exactly how To
Power top top & off To rotate your TV ~ above or OFF, press and release the red TV strength button. To turn your recipient ON or OFF, press and release the red power button.
Change channels You have 3 means to change channels on her DISH receiver: usage number buttons on your DISH remote. Press and release CHANNEL UP/DOWN. Use program Guide: Press and release GUIDE. Press and release CHANNEL UP/DOWN or page UP/DOWN to highlight channel come watch. Press and also release SELECT.
Use exactly input or channel Your TV have to be collection to the correct input or channel to gain DISH service—usually HDMI1 and also channel 3 or 4. If your display is black, blue, or snowy, your TV might be set to wrong input or channel.What can cause your TV to it is in on dorn input or channel? transforming the TV input to run a DVD player or gaming system. Transforming the TV input or channel using the far or the TV itself. Pushing INPUT or CHANNEL top top the dish remote once not in sat mode. A strength outage.
Select a favourite List We"ve pre-programmed 3 favourite Lists for you: every Chan—all DISH networks All Sub—all networks you subscribe to every HD—all HD channels available To usage a favourite List: Press and release overview until the favourite List options screen appears. Press and also release CHANNEL UP/DOWN to select a favorite List. Press and also release SELECT.
Exit on-screen menus Press and also release watch LIVE TV.
Set closeup of the door Captioning Closed Captioning reflects a message version that the routine on your TV screen. It"s valuable for hearing-impaired people, and also useful in noisy areas like a sports bar. To use Closed Captioning: Press and also release MENU and select Preferences. Choose Closed Caption. Select caption On/Off. Choose CC is On. Pick Done. closed Captioning call Information If you have actually a concern or concern around closed captioning on any program, please contact in ~ 1.877.462.6606. Or send written correspondence through fax come 1.304.344.0435, by email to Video.Closed.Caption, or by letter to, 1500 MacCorkle Avenue, Charleston, WV 25396, Attn: Raquel Taylor, Manager.
Set increase Parental Controls Limit programming that can be watched on your receiver to ensure programming is suitable for your residence or business.To accessibility Parental Controls: select Menu on dish receiver. Go into Locks menu. discover much more information around parental controls on dish website.

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Still need help? call 1.888.742.0239 or Live Chat
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