Suddenlink subscribers to be in for a surprise freshly when they turned top top Channel 5 trying to find CBS programming.

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KXTS Channel 9, based in Victoria, is a brand-new CBS affiliate in the Victoria area. In that role it exercised an choice under Federal communications Commission rule to asking Suddenlink to remove duplicated programming indigenous the lineup indigenous the CBS affiliate in san Antonio.

Suddenlink adhered to FCC rules and also KXTS" request, Gene Regan, director of corporate communications for Suddenlink, said.

Local news and other programming distinct to Channel 5, and not replicated on Channel 9, proceed to air. However, every CBS programming is now on Channel 9.

Channel 9 started CBS programming in September. The made that is non-duplication request to the FCC in January, and Suddenlink complied as required in March.

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The cable firm is now working with an outside seller who maintains the program guide to an ext accurately reflect programming currently running on networks 5 and also 9, Regan said.