Every song has a story behind its genesis and also Gene Autry"s music has actually some great tales to tell. Right here is a brief history of Gene"s beloved holiday hits written by Jon Guyot blacksmith from the Grammy Nominated box collection Sing, Cowboy, Sing!: The Gene Autry Collection released by Rhino Records, © 1997 Rhino to chat Company, re-printed by permission.

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Here comes Santa Claus(Right down Santa Claus Lane)


Gene to be riding his horse, Champion, down Hollywood Boulevard because that the annual Christmas parade in 1946 when, listening the crowds of children gleefully crying, "Here comes Santa Claus!" the was motivated to write a song. That turned his map out over come Oakley Haldeman (then in fee of Gene"s music publishing firms) and also legendary A&R chief "Uncle" art Satherley. They perfect the lead sheet, quickening a copy over to singer/guitarist Johnny Bond"s house to make an acetate key of the perfect product. A cocktail was blended for Uncle Art, that sipped near the microphone while link sang right here Comes Santa Claus because that the first time. Once the team heard the ice cream cubes jingling for this reason merrily top top the playback, they were inspired to use a "jingle bell" sound ~ above Gene"s record! It was the an initial Gene Autry Christmas release, a huge commercial and artistic triumph that opened the door come an unexpected expansion of his phenomenal career.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


After the success of right here Comes Santa Claus, every songwriter on the planet was imploring Gene to record his or she marvelous Christmas composition. He received numerous lead sheets and home recordings, every one of which he closely studied.Ina Autry, to who Gene was married for nearly a half century, was an separation, personal, instance possessing both charm and also superb judgment, and also was together well-loved through fans and industry personnel together was the cowboy himself. As soon as Gene happen on Johnny Marks" "Rudolph" in the belief that the song did no suit his image, Ina urged him come reconsider. She love the line around Rudolph"s exemption from "reindeer games" and also felt the the "ugly duckling" template would appeal strongly to the young-at-heart.

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Ina"s advice was as sound together ever. Gene"s 1949 platter became the greatest seller the Columbia brand had ever known. It reappeared on the charts each Christmas season for several years, and also the 1957 remake because that his own an obstacle label was similarly a hit. Return the lyric has no link with cowboys or nation & west themes, the simple tale the the physically tested reindeer remains Gene Autry"s all-time biggest seller.


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