HogwartsHogwarts has plenty of wonderful psychic guiding the budding witches and also wizards, but who’s your favourite?

It’s been exponentially difficult, however here’s ours ranking the the hogwarts professors based upon which classrooms we’d most like come sneak into. And also note, we’ve only counted professors we’ve actually viewed in action in the books and films – therefore no Professor Kettleburns or Armando Dippets, yet we have actually counted Albus Dumbledore as we witnessed him teaching in Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald.

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And one last quick note – we’ve not included Defence against the Dark art professors in this perform because... There to be an awful most them, so many, the they acquire their very own list here.

As for the rest...

Alecto Carrow


‘They prefer punishment, the Carrows.’Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Well, yeah. The cruel death Eater sibling to be hardly going to rank extremely here. We never ever properly witnessed the Carrows teach, after castle were mounted in Hogwarts throughout Lord Voldemort’s climb in Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows, however we heard dreadful stories native Neville about their ‘teaching style’. When one taught Defence against the Dark arts (hence why castle not mentioned here), the various other taught Muggle research studies of every things, which was used as one excuse to torture the students. Say thanks to Merlin Voldemort to be thwarted before their reign could last much longer.

Professor Binns

Oh, bad Professor Binns, a teacher for this reason immersed in his subject, history of Magic, that he still gone after his teachings also after the died. No offence come Professor Binns, that seemed relatively harmless, and definitely to know his stuff, however the fact that Harry and his other classmates frequently used the lesson together an excuse for a small nap claims it all, really.

Professor Snape


As ever, analysing Snape in any type of sort of means is complicated. On the one hand, yes sir no mistaking Snape’s exceptional an abilities in Potions and his fascination v the subject. His grandiose speech about ‘brewing glory’ and also ‘stoppering death’ verified just how in tune with Potions he really was. But from bullying college student to threaten toads to docking home points because that arbitrary reasons, yes sir no excuse because that such behaviour. Snape was also known to usage his lessons to settle personal grudges, together as as soon as he took over Defence versus the Dark Arts come subtly try and hint come the class that his childhood rival, Professor Lupin, to be a werewolf.

Professor Slughorn


Another Potions professor through ulterior motives – following up is Professor Slughorn. Slughorn is an additional tricky teacher to figure out – his love that potions and also knowledge were obvious, and his Felix Felicis class was genuinely fascinating. However his constant favouring of famous or gifted students wasn’t setting a an excellent example – and also sometimes the seemed more interested in his Slug society parties 보다 anything else. ~ all, this is the guy that teach a young Tom Riddle around Horcruxes, just to seem exceptional in class...

Professor Trelawney


Of course, Divination is not a subject for everyone, and also Trelawney’s location in this list really relies on even if it is you evaluate her handmade – or simply think that ‘woolly’ like Hermione did. Trelawney herself was a pretty tactless teacher at times too, on regular basis upsetting class members, such as predicting harry’s untimely demise, and even taking out her Seer ‘abilities’ ~ above Lavender Brown’s poor pet rabbit, Binky. There was likewise the problem that her skills of walk ‘into the beyond’ were fairly unpredictable in ~ times, and also even Professor Dumbledore to be unsure that her.


Firenze the centaur took end Divination after Sybil Trelawney shed her post during Umbridge’s tenure – v the Divination classroom being transformed right into a forest-type setting to do Firenze feel much more at home. Us didn’t see lot of Firenze’s to teach style, yet it looked prefer it connected a many lying down and gazing at the stars, which is well by us.


Hagrid’s brand-new assignment as care of wonder Creatures professor was, the course, a joyous point – and Harry and co. Were thrilled because that him to be acquisition on a task where he acquired to memory his love of fantastic beasts. Now, as lot as us love Hagrid, some of the gamekeeper’s taste in beasts for a institution curriculum was much less than fantastic, frequently exposing his rather young students come ridiculously danger animals, such together the Blast-Ended Skrewts, and setting the class a book that assaults them... And also, all those Flobberworms, Hagrid!

Professor Grubbly-Plank

Sorry, Hagrid... If just there had been less Flobberworms. Professor Grubbly-Plank was Hagrid’s no-nonsense instead of teacher, that popped in every time Hagrid to be indisposed. Annoyingly, Grubbly-Plank did present very fascinating wonder creatures, together as introducing the students come Bowtruckles and also Unicorns. Hagrid might have had far more heart, yet professionally-speaking, Grubbly-Plank just tips it.

Professor Sprout

Wonderfully dishevelled Professor Sprout is a hogwart staple because that a reason, and pretty much whatever we might want indigenous a hogwarts professor. She had actually heart, warmth, but a strictness once needed, and a actual love of nurturing nature. Her expertise in all sorts of remarkable magical flora and also fungi made she lessons progressively more remarkable as the years went along, especially when we acquired to the more dangerous tree in Greenhouse Three. Every this, and her sterling turnout at the fight of hogwart (where she came armed with exploding Snargaluff Pods) confirmed that friend don’t need a wand to explore the phenomenon of magic – sometimes simply look at the floor beneath you.

Professor Flitwick

Trust us, this top 4 are all so fantastic in their own way: we consider them all equally ranked. Kindly Professor Flitwick is certainly on par through Professor Sprout, sharing she whimsical nature and genuine pleasure of magical learning. Without Professor Flitwick, we would never have learnt the iconic assignment Wingardium Leviosa, and also so numerous other an excellent charms. He was likewise just wonderfully encouraging as a teacher, generosity with residence points, and wasn’t averse to letting his course have a little of funny every now and also then. Who demands a Cheering Charm once Professor Flitwick’s around?

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore, the course, is a hogwart legend that left his note on the college in so many wonderful ways, always putting kindness first and shaping the totality character that Hogwarts. In essence, there aren’t enough kind things we can say around Dumbledore. Now, as an actual teacher, we didn’t check out Dumbledore teach much in the harry Potter books, but in Fantastic Beasts: The crime of Grindelwald, we witnessed his younger me teach a Defence versus the Dark arts lesson. That was whatever we supposed of Dumbledore together a teacher: cheeky, funny, caring, understanding, v a ethical to learn at the end. As a headmaster, the was always teaching, and we wet up Dumbledore’s unlimited wisdom every time he speak – but oh, come see much more of the in the classroom atmosphere.

Professor McGonagall

It’s been a challenging journey, but our number one point out goes come the formidable, wonderful, fierce Professor McGonagall. The Transfiguration professor to be a spring of expertise in her subject and carried out her teachings v grace and also a fair sheep of strictness. Regardless of her stiff-upper-lip attitude, she likewise had a softer side, such together encouraging Neville after ~ his disappointing exam results, and also offering bother a biscuit during times of strife. Back she constantly kept it professional, McGonagall had actually a sassy side lurking underneath the tight bun – prove herself to it is in an achieved and iconic teacher forever.

Honourable mentions to...

Madam Hooch: we only encountered Hooch for one paris lesson, but it absolutely was eventful...Charity Burbage: she tragically lost her life in ~ the hands of Voldemort and also the fatality Eaters, pinpointed for to teach Muggle Studies.Professor Sinistra: who taught Astronomy Professor Vector: that taught Arithmancy, known as one of the more challenging Hogwarts classes, therefore must have actually been a clever one.

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Do girlfriend think our rankings to be fair? room you a staunch Hagrid fan through and also through and are now really cross at us? us promise it was every in an excellent fun, really.