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Returning Pepperdine students might be surprised to uncover that during the summer your campus was transformed right into Pacific coast Academy, a boarding college for children that has actually recently unable to do co-ed.

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This unusual adjust is only temporary, and also PCA will dissolve Sept. 17. PCA is no a real school, but actually a tv set.

The cast and also television crew landed on Pepperdine’s campus throughout the 2nd week of might to begin filming a new show because that Nickelodeon dubbed “Zoey 101,” said Sally McIlwain, who oversees filming and also reservations in the one-of-a-kind Programs office.

The display stars Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of pop singer Britney Spears, as 13-year-old Zoey Brooks. Spears’ character is among the an initial group of female students to it is in matriculated right into the fictional all-male boarding school.

“Pacific shore Academy will certainly be choose a living fantasy institution for kids,” said the show’s creator and executive producer Dan Schneider. “It’s sort of like 13-year-olds going to this fun, miracle college, life on their own, in fee of their very own lives.”

The filming the “Zoey 101” took place in many locations on campus. 2 lounges in Towers were converted right into dormitories because that the college student of PCA.

“They needed to use a larger room come fit in all of the camera equipment. A continuous sized room wouldn’t have actually been big enough,” manager of real estate Jim Brock said.

In enhancement to Towers, the film crew also shot scenes roughly Joslyn Plaza, outside Elkins Auditorium and also in the HAWC.

Filming will continue at Pepperdine with Sept. 17, but McIlwain said production will be relocated away native the main hub of student activity. Throughout these beforehand weeks of the scholastic year, the crew will certainly be filming in one lounge in Tower 6, and also in Alumni Park and also the Fireside Room.

In addition to filming at countless locations throughout campus during the summer, the production firm moved right into some of the Lovernich apartments, which served as interim manufacturing offices, McIlwain said.Pepperdine i agreeed to allow such an extensive shoot for several reasons.

The very first criterion check by distinct Programs to be content.

“We gain a lot of requests for material that is no really proper or in line through the mission and goals that the University,” McIlwain said.The production firm was also willing to film during the summer, which was very important come Pepperdine.

“Our very first priority is ours students,” McIlwain said. “We want to pick a time the would affect them the least.”McIlwain stated the present targets youngsters who will certainly be going to college in the future. “Some of them might want to involved Pepperdine because of it,” she said.

Besides included exposure because that the University, Pepperdine additionally stood to gain monetarily native the shoot.

“It’s a really great revenue maker for the school. It’s for sure to say the Pepperdine will certainly make roughly $350,000 indigenous the filming,” she said.The filming the “Zoey 101” is no the first time a film crew has collection foot on the Pepperdine campus.

“Pepperdine is affiliated in a most filming projects, consisting of photo shoots and also lots of commercials,” McIlwain said. “Usually these jobs are excellent over one to 3 days. The ‘Zoey 101’ task is much more extensive and also was a actual experiment because that us.”

Despite every the potential benefits for Pepperdine, over there were some drawbacks to opening the campus up to a big production.

“The best complaint i’ve heard is about the quantity of parking spaces the crew took up in Rho parking lot,” said McIlwain.Summer institution students faced the added challenge of having actually to work approximately the crew during the day.

“Hearing the they would certainly be filming ~ above campus at first was exciting, yet when they actually acquired here it was annoying,” junior Shalonda young name said. “They to be everywhere and also at time they would avoid you from walking and also ask girlfriend to take it an alternate route. It was yes, really inconvenient and also I felt choose they must be working around us and also not the other method around.”

Despite part student complaints, McIlwain stated that the summer filming went an extremely smoothly and also everyone seemed to get along well.Some people even delighted in having the production crews on campus.

“I think the filming was in reality a most fun because that the summer campers. Many of them to be from various other parts of the country and also had never ever seen a film crew before. Castle were simply thrilled to watch the filming,” McIlwain said.

Some Pepperdine students reacted positively come the filming as well.

“I think it is good that they decided our school to movie at,” sophomore Jennifer Lowe said. “I liked the means the HAWC looked if they were filming there, and also I wish they would certainly leave it the method that that is because that the remainder of the year.”

The success that the summer filming to be largely because of cooperation and also compromise between Pepperdine and the production company. According to McIlwain, procedures were taken to ensure filming was scheduled about the requirements of both Pepperdine summer school students and also children attending camps on campus.

Pepperdine limited filming close to residential areas and also asked castle to begin filming at 10 a.m., rather than 7 a.m., to safeguard the rights of students and also accommodate human being who can be sleeping. Filming likewise had to be perfect by 10 p.m. Every day. These requirements will additionally apply to the filming being done v Sept. 17.

Brock claimed the real estate Office has known because spring the the filming in Towers would need to proceed into the early component of the institution year.

“We compromised and also asked the they just use one Tower lounge and also not usage the other locations in the neighborhood when class began,” he said.

The housing Office additionally sent e-mails to every Towers citizens to inform them the the filming walking on in the lounge and encouraging them come voice any concerns about it.

“We will continue to occupational with the RAs in asking them come let us understand if lock are aware of any kind of concerns and also we will resolve each issue as it pertains to our attention,” Brock said.

The production crew has actually been asked to move their vehicles the end of Rho parking lot of in order to make the lot more accessible to the student drivers who must park there. Also, the crew has been relocated from Rho come Drescher and also areas about the Executive facility so that no parking will certainly be taken far from student in the fall.

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Because the locations for filming space farther away from student activity, Pepperdine does no expect any problems for the crew or students. Students might still see production vehicles and crewmembers on campus after ~ Sept 17 since they officially have until Sept. 21 to relocate off campus completely.