Tom Hanks fast Info
Height6 ft
Weight82 kg
Date of BirthJuly 9, 1956
Zodiac SignCancer
SpouseRita Wilson

Tom Hanks is a famous American actor and also filmmaker who is one of the most popular and also recognizable movie stars an international and his movies have actually grossed an ext than $4.9 billion in north America and an ext than $9.96 exchange rate worldwide, making that the 4th-highest-grossing actor in phibìc America. His performances in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump winner him the Academy Awards because that “Best Actor” in 1994 and also 1995, respectively. Moreover, he got a Kennedy center Honor in 2014, a Presidential Medal of freedom from president Barack Obama in 2016, and the golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille award in 2020. Tom Hanks is additionally known for his functions in A Beautiful work in the NeighborhoodSaving exclusive RyanCast AwayFrom the earth to the MoonThe PacificSleepless in SeattleThe green MileYou’ve obtained MailGreyhoundInfernoApollo 13, and Catch Me If girlfriend Can.

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Born Name

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks

Nick Name


Tom Hanks in ~ the AFI Awards Luncheon 2014

Tom Hanks Facts

Hanks is a huge supporter that the baseball team Cleveland Indians.For his function in the movie Philadelphia (1993), Tom shed 30 lbs and also for cast Away (2000), he shed 50 lbs.He is a good fan that the F.C Aston Villa.Entertainment Weekly vote Tom together the 26th best Movie Star.After 14 years of their divorce, his an initial wife Samantha Lewes pass away. She to be diagnosed through cancer.Hanks is enduring from diabetes mellitus form 2.He is a support of same-sex marriage.Tom owns RAV4 EV and also eBox.Tom is a Democrat.At a young age, he wanted to become an astronaut. The is a support of NASA’s program.He is a member of the NSS (National an are Society).He won the Douglas S. Morrow public Outreach Award in 2006.

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The award was provided by the Space Foundation.Tom Hanks was the many searched celebrity top top Google in 2020 in the unified States.Tom was the 6th most-searched human of 2020 ~ above Google in the U.S.Tom and his wife, Rita Wilson to be tested hopeful for coronavirus in march 2020. They later recovered native the virus.In September 2021, Tom was honored at The Academy Museum the Motion photos Opening Gala because that his fundraising efforts for the museum.