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Oral fluid drug experimentation using Oral-Eze

Quest Diagnostics champions Oral-Eze®, ours innovative oral fluid collection system that simplifies the collection process of oral liquid for regimen workplace medicine testing.

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The Oral-Eze Oral fluid Collection System gives the benefit of oursample adequacytechnology. The sample adequacy home window turns blue once the oral fluid sample quantity is enough for testing, thereby acquisition the guesswork out of collecting oral liquid specimens andreducing repeat medicine test collections.

Advantages of Oral-Eze:

Sample adequacy window.The patented collection maker with integrated sample adequacy indicator window shows the collector that a enough quantity of oral liquid has to be provided. This additionally decreases the likelihood of the sample gift rejected as "quantity no sufficient" and thereby reduce the time and also expense linked with a 2nd collection. Reliable for detecting current drug use, specifically marijuana.Oral-Eze exam a range of medicine in oral liquid including amphetamine, methamphetamines (including MDMA and its metabolite), cocaine (metabolite), marijuana (THC), opiates (codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, 6-AM (heroin), oxycodones (oxycodone, and also oxymorphone), and PCP. No unpleasant taste.The Oral-Eze Oral fluid Collector walk not have actually a salty or citric taste.

Why use oral fluid testing?

Oral fluid trial and error offers confidential, laboratory-based medicine test results from one easy-to-use arsenal method. By making use of oral fluid instead that urine, donors deserve to collect and also cap their very own specimens in the presence of a monitor, reduce the likelihood that a donor challenge later on. The Oral-Eze collector is a minimally-invasive, easy-to-use method that can be offered for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and post-accident drug testing. Additionally, we do specimen validity experimentation on every oral fluid specimen, offering you the added assurance that the specimen is proper for testing.

View theOral-Eze repertoire instructionsandpackage insert.

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Download ours white file about marijuana detection utilizing oral liquid testing. We study trends in detection by drug test type, positivity prices in states with to chat marijuana use laws, and also drug screening using Oral-Eze.