Have you ever before asked yourself, “What color does red and green do when mixed together?”

When it concerns mixing colors, it may not be as straightforward together what you check out on the color wheel. Using various methods of color mixing, such as overlapping colored lights matches combining pigment, the resulting colors are incredibly different.

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If you’ve ever wondered what shade does red and also green make, we’ll discover the prize in the 2 different shade combining methods.

What color Does Red and Green Make?


Unlike the RGB wheel used for combine colors across the irradiate spectrum, the primary colors for the CMYK shade wheel consists cyan, magenta and also yellow. In arts production, this colors often correlate come the classic primary colors of the art color wheel (blue, red and also yellow).

However, the secondary colors space the very same as the major colors on the RGB wheel (red, blue and also green).

In print processing, color combinations are created by overlapping great of the main CMY colors in differing percentages the transparency. When the colors room overlapped, light istransfer v the ink and reflects turn off of the surface below, dubbed the substrate.

The CMY octopus is applied as halftone dots and subtract the train station percentages of RBG native the reflected light so the our eye perceive the intended color.

Green and Red do Yellow video Demo

Complementing Colors

Complementing colors refer to two colors the sit throughout from each various other on their prospective shade wheels. The 2 opposite colors will regularly turn gray when blended together.

In the CMYK model, red and green are presented together complementing colors. However, when you combine red and also green, they can vary in shades the brown come gray depending upon the specific shades you room using.

For example, a blue-green and also red may incorporate pigments that appear as a gray color, because it is using mainly cool tones. However, a saccharine green and red mix come make more of a brown clor, as result of the yellow colors in the green contributing to warmer tones in the an unified color mixture.

As you deserve to see, there room a couple different answer to her question, “What walk red and also green do when mixed together?” depending upon the method you use to mix the colors, you might see a lovely yellow glow on your screen or a shade of brown or gray in her print.

When deciding i beg your pardon colors to use, learning the media or method in which you plan to mix them will aid you make the ideal decision for your intended outcome.

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Play around with different colored lights and paint by mix red and green with each other to see the results for yourself. Now that you recognize what shade does red and green do you have the right to start developing stuff and sharing it through your friends.