Burgundy vs. Maroon Color: your differences, similarities, advantages & cons, shade matching, and finally witсh shade goes finest with

Burgundy vs. Maroon color is similar shades the Red. They have a slight difference that one unexpert eye deserve to hardly find out the precise shade. Maroon is a mixture of red and also brown whereas Burgundy is do of red and purple. Both of these colors supply a dark red finish.

HEX Codes#800020 / #800000
Base ColorRed
AppearanceReddish-brown / Brownish-red
Color MatchWhite, Teal, Gray, Brown, Pink, Blue

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Defining Burgundy and also Maroon Colors because that a clear understandingConsidering the pros & Cons linked with Burgundy and Maroon

Defining Burgundy and also Maroon Colors because that a clear understanding

What is Burgundy?

Burgundy color is a dark the shade of red v a purplish tint is called burgundy.

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What is Maroon?

Marron color is a brownish shade of red with a darker outlook is maroon.

Considering the advantages & Cons associated with Burgundy and Maroon

Pros linked with Burgundy

Burgundy is connected with high-class societyIt is made use of as a hair dye.It is popular among women around the globe.

Cons associated with Burgundy

Burgundy can be a contempt different shade from red based on the amount of purple mixed.It is increasingly coming to be a color exclusive to women.

Pros linked with Maroon

Maroon is a rich shade that red.It is used in institution uniforms in plenty of places.It is thought about a color perfect for all genders.

Cons linked with Maroon

Maroon cannot be provided as a hair color.It is a an extremely common color and might no make friend stand the end at a party.

What space the similarities between burgundy color vs. Maroon?

Understanding the similarities between the two colors will assist to identify dark red vs. Burgundy vs. Maroon.

Both Burgundy and maroon are the darker shades that red.They use red as their major color.

What is the difference in between maroon and also burgundy?

DescriptionBurgundy is a deep purplish-red color.Maroon is a richer and darker the shade of red.
HistoryThe shade is influenced by wine from the Burgundy an ar in France. The shade of a fit worn by will Farrell in Anchorman, the Legend of Ron Burgundy, was also an catalyst behind this color.The word maroon is obtained from marron, the French word because that chestnut. Due to the fact that of the color of this nut, the maroon shade got this name. This color was likewise worn through Vajrayana buddhist monks in robes.
HEX codeIt has a #800020 code.It has a #800000 code.
Base ColorsRed and also purple space the basic colors.Red and brown room the basic colors.
AppearanceThe outlook comes together a deep shade of red. It can additionally be called reddish brown.The outlook comes together brownish-red or the richer red.
Existence that burgundy vs. Maroon vs. WineBurgundy exists as a natural color in the form of wine.Maroon doesn’t exist as a organic color. That is a customized color.
AssociationBurgundy is associated with the high-class society.The combination of maroon is through low-class society.
SymbolizeBurgundy symbolizes power, wealth, and also prosperity.Maroon symbolizes bravery and sacrifices.
PopularityBurgundy is famously supplied in bedsheets and pillow covers.The maroon color is popular in restaurant interiors, logos, and also menus.

What is the Burgundy Bordeaux shade Difference?

On the color chart, Bordeaux is more towards the red color, while burgundy has actually a purple touch come it.

What shade goes v Burgundy?

Burgundy is the number one color of fall. Due to the fact that this is an extreme shade of red, it will certainly go perfect well through some irradiate colors. The most noticeable colors, beige, white, and also light gray, will certainly go beautifully well v burgundy. Because that an extreme look, shot turquoise or pure denim. These colors will certainly light up her burgundy dress.

What’s the difference between red and also maroon?

Red is a word with miscellaneous meanings. The meanings can be various based upon the conscience the usage. In terms of colors, red is a rich color that can additionally be referred to as blood color. At the same time, the maroon is a darker the shade of red. The red shade is a mixture that yellow and magenta, conversely, the maroon is do of red and brown. Red has tendency to be a an easy color because that maroon.

How execute you stay burgundy boots?

There is not a single way to wear burgundy boots. You can wear burgundy boots following endless different styles. The many common and also trendy means are:

Burgundy fishing eye boots through baggy blue jeans rolled up.Burgundy heeled boots through skinny blue jeans in.Burgundy ankle boots with shorts.Burgundy trendy boots v a burgundy cardigan.Burgundy pencil-heel boots v a marine blue pencil skirt and also burgundy jacket.

You can format your burgundy boots through a new and unique look every time friend wear them.

Can friend wear black v burgundy?

Yes, black color is a neutral color. The complements burgundy pretty well.

What can I wear through maroon boots?

You can wear your maroon boots with gray jeans and a stylish maroon top for a casual occasion. For a formal event, try some more neutral colors v maroon favor black, white, or beige. Because that a party look, a light peach or light pink dress will certainly look gorgeous through your maroon boots.

Does Burgundy go with blue?

Burgundy through blue! but there are so numerous shades that blue. No issue which blue you’re talking about, burgundy goes perfectly well through a selection of the color blue.

What shade matches through maroon?

A great range of colors matches through maroon. You have the right to wear maroon with:


What season deserve to I undertake burgundy?

For wearing a burgundy dress, winter is a perfect season. Because that burgundy pair of shoes or boots, the loss season will certainly be the ideal one together you majorly wear irradiate colors in fall.

How execute you do Red Maroon?

The red maroon is made v a mixture of 2 colors. Red, the primary and the straightforward color, and brown, the second color is blended to make a red maroon color. The the shade of maroon will be based upon the lot of brown color in the mixture.

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Choosing Burgundy or Maroon Color

Both burgundy and maroon colors space made v red as the major color. The main maroon and also burgundy difference is the the burgundy shows up to it is in reddish-brown, vice versa, the maroon appears as brownish-red. If you desire a little bit of purple, choose burgundy but if you want the darker red, select maroon.