All guys probably have at least one pair that gray shorts in their wardrobe, or you can be planning to acquire one. Including gray shorts will make her wardrobe multifunctional together it’s a functional piece. But, space you ready to do stylish outfits the end of it?


They say that black and navy blue room the finest colors because that shorts and also pants, yet there’s in reality a wide variety of gray shades to pick from. Practically every shade goes through gray, however you have to make certain that the is the right shade. That is why us made a perform of the best color shirt that will go with your gray shorts. Stop go!

Gray Shorts and Shirt Combinations

Thanks come its versatility, gray have the right to be properly partnered with plenty of colors. However, to choose the many flattering combination, it’s essential to consider the shade and also tone. Gray deserve to vary drastically in between different garments, so not all items special this color will look an excellent with the same hues. Over there are basic guidelines to monitor that’ll make choosing a compatible combination easier.

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Blue Shirts and also Grey Shorts

Shorts in the cool the shade of gray could be partnered with one more cool shade, such together a blue shirt. This mix will provide you a more relaxed vibe, making girlfriend look, well, cool.

Brown and Grey Shorts

If you own shorts in a warmth gray tone, it’s ideal to partner them with a brown shirt. Mix a warm shade with one more warm shade will give that edgy watch (and you’ll surely stealing glances from people, believe us.)

White and also Grey Shorts

Rule of the thumb: light shades the gray should be paired through a shirt with light shades, too, favor white. We all recognize that white shirts might be partnered with any kind of color, so us bet you’ll look great with this combination.

Black or Dark Blue and also Grey Shorts

On the other hand, if you’ve gained yourself shorts in a dark the shade of gray, black and dark blue shirts will work and also complement. If you’re aiming because that a more dapper look, climate this mix is a must-try.


There are general guidelines when it concerns mixing the color gray with various other colors, however, friend can constantly go past these guidelines. Execute not hesitate to shot some various other fun colors, too, to complement your gray shorts.

Gray Shorts Outfit concepts for Men

We’re excited to share part outfit ideas that we’re sure you’re walk to pull off. Ready?

Off-duty looks

The combination of a crew-neck white t-shirt and gray shorts will give you a dapper look at without lot effort. Because that a much more laid-back vibe, wear her gray rubber shoes, too.For a casual look with a classic twist, take into consideration pairing a mint crew-neck t-shirt with grey shorts. The most effective way to punch up this watch is with white canvas slip-on sneakers.Another off-duty outfit the you can shot is the combination of a gray sweater and also gray shorts. This offers a modern-day manly look and is an extremely easy to pull off. For your shoes, shot throwing on your white and also navy animal leather low top sneakers.Those dressers who favor laid-back styles, gray shorts partnered v a marine blue t-shirt, room a perfect match. And also low-top sneakers in white and also blue canvas will finish this getup really well.When you have actually no spare time, a marine crew-neck sweater and also gray shorts do the type of to win off-duty combination that always works. With a pair the low peak sneakers in white leather, her favorite sunglasses, and also some black leather bracelet, you’ll have actually a total glance-stealer.

Casual outfits

To attain a seriously dapper and modern-day casual outfit, you deserve to rock a marine crew-neck t-shirt paired v gray shorts. Because that an otherwise tranquil look, brown athletic pair of shoes will add a little an ext edginess.The casual combination of a mustard crew-neck t-shirt and gray shorts supplies a stylish look. Pairing the outfit v low top sneakers through black publish canvas is a an excellent idea.Pairing a white and black horizontal stripe crew-neck t-shirt v gray shorts is a no-brainer for a casual look. To inject a dose of trendy effortlessness into this look, why not complete with gray strong shoes.For a knockout laid-back menswear look, play through combining a charcoal-colored hoodie and also gray shorts. Then, mix that up through a pair the white low-top sneakers and also voila… this outfit is complete.If you want to pull off a comfortable however trendy look, complement an olive crew-neck t-shirt v grey shorts because that a modern twist. A fail-safe alternative to include to your getup is a pair that white athletic shoes.

Semi-formal attires

A white dress shirt and also a gray blazer paired v gray shorts are the sort of no-brainer outfit come wear when you don’t have actually time however want come look a tiny formal. Finishing that off through low-top navy canvas sneakers and also a tan straw cap is a surefire method to give your ensemble an waiting of trendiness.You will definitely make a good choice with a charcoal blazer, white dress shirt, and a gray necktie, partnered v gray shorts. This outfit will certainly make you look refined however not too formal. To make your outfit a little much more polished, stay a pair that brown animal leather loafers, and you’re great to go.If you desire to attain a sleek and also classy ensemble, pair a gray blazer and also pink undershirt v gray shorts. To quickly turn up the wow element of this look, include a pair of white animal leather low-top sneakers come the equation.Another take it on a not-so-formal outfit is a blue long-sleeve shirts partnered with gray shorts. This is a casual outfit v a trendy twist. This getup ties along with a good pair that white leather low-top sneakers. Also, for a an ext edgy look, put on your favorite eyeglasses.

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The Bottom Line

If you want a multi-functional wardrobe, you require a pair the gray shorts. With their versatility, you’ll never run the end of good outfit ideas. And if you already have your very own pair the gray shorts, climate it’s time to try the outfit ideas we’ve listed above simply for you.