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Ayurveda has interpreted the subtle results planetary positions have actually on our moods, personality and even ours destiny for hundreds of years. While contemporary science hasn’t validated or grasped the affect of planetary location on circadian science, it has actually not contradicted or denied the affect either.

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Many cultures believe that every day that the week is associated with a certain colour, derived from a planet or a deity. In India, astrologers and Ayurveda pendant assert the each day of the week has actually a corresponding planet. And by following the colour of the week the is connected with the planets, you basically align yourself to harness the subtle strength of the planetary influences. In Thailand, the Queen supplied to stay coloured dresses linked with the color of the day, a practice some Thai world continue come follow even today. In fact, in the past, Thai astrologers recommended the colour of the week to soldiers going to wars.

According to Ayurveda, each planet has actually a details influence on the mind, body and also emotions. To do the most out that the positive influence of each planet, that is encourage to take on the colour equivalent to that earth on the said day.

Monday, for example, is represented by the moon. So, the moon colour, white is stated to reflect the power of the moon. Similarly, Sunday is stood for by the sun. And also hues that orange and also yellow that the sun is claimed to align you v the magnificent power of the majestic star. Saturday is rule by Saturn and also dark hues the purple and also black are considered to offer one a an increase of optimistic energy and vibration.

Follow the listed below chart to discover the correlations between days of the week and colour shades. And use our skilled tips to embrace the various colours the the week for your house interiors:



Colour of the day: White

Mondays room ruled by the moon. That is claimed to assistance our emotionally body and also honour our feminine or yin energy. White is claimed to be the colour for Monday. Girlfriend can bring in some positive vibes through decorating the home with white flowers. Fresh flowers are additionally said to it is in mood enhancers therefore if you’re emotion the Monday blues, they have the right to make a good addition to your home décor. Friend could likewise bring in some white to your house in kind of décor pieces made the end of pearls, be it a quirky snapshot frame embellished v pearls or a explain pearl embroidered cushion cover.



Colour of the day: Red

The planet Mars is linked with Tuesdays. Because of the planet’s fiery side, now goes by the colour red. You can incorporate décor facets in red to channel the zest and also energy. If you are an especially fond the this hue, friend can develop an accent wall using this statement colour. Certain to no go overboard through red and complement that with various other neutral colours- mental balance is key. Friend can additionally benefit indigenous the power of this world using stones like red coral and carnelian in your home décor.



Colour of the day: Green

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. This planet is recognized for boosting communication and also intellect. Wednesdays room for looking after your mind, body and spirit. Because green is the colour of the day, you can start by introducing a selection of tree in her home and taking some time out every Wednesday to look after your own little green space. Nothing forget to check in through yourself about how do you feeling mentally and also physically and take what you have to be the finest version of yourself.



Colour that the day: Yellow

The earth of an excellent luck and also abundance, Jupiter, rules Thursday. Come channel the energy of this planet, find something yellow to go v your house décor. New sunflowers can include a bit of cheerfulness to also the darkest corners of the house. You can likewise use a yellow litter or cushion cover come spruce up your interiors.



Colour that the day: Pink

Venus, the planet of the art is the leader of the day Friday. It is a great time to lug out your an innovative and artistic side, for this reason if you are thinking of painting a wall surface in your favourite room into an accent colour mix or pattern, this can be a good day! You can use Berger Paints colour Catalogue to explore distinct colour combine or select from designer finishes through glossy metallic results from Berger Paints Silk Illusions architecture Metallic range. Due to the fact that pink is a happy colour for Fridays, it is encourage to optimise the shade to make the most out that this day. We recommend changing your bedding come a subtle shade the pink- developing a cosy edge for your weekend siestas and also slumber sessions.



Colour the the day: Purple and Black

The earth that is stated to it is in our biggest teacher, Saturn, rule Saturdays. In ~ the beginning of the week, this particular day is a good time to reflect on your mind and body and get prepared for a new week with an excellent intentions collection in her mind. To exude the positive energy of this planet, the is encourage to usage the colour purple and also black, be it in your clothing, home décor or even jewels. For the home, dark hues can be tricky to obtain right, but in healthy doses, it deserve to prove to it is in a an excellent addition. Adopt the dark side for your residence with irradiate fixtures, patterned rugs, cushion covers and also frames, mixed with soft and neutral tones.

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Colour the the day: Orange

Sundays represent the sun. The sunlight is thought to it is in a enjoy of the soul. Due to this connection, that is a great day for spiritual quests. Lug in the sun’s vibrant energy on Sundays with hues of orange. You can likewise start the work with sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar ~ above a Sunday morning.