Pairs and also counting by 2s can be done v socks and also shoes. There is a lot of math in the pairs of items in ours lives. Not just in pairs and 2s, however in categories as well as fractions.

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We use shoes here, but anything the you can uncover in your residence in pairs will do. Shoes, earrings, socks, cufflinks, silverware, tops and bottoms of food containers, etc.

Use the appropriate tasks below to reinforce the math concepts and also domains of the common Core State Standards.

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Say, “This is a pair that shoes.” point as girlfriend count. “There space 1… 2… pair of shoes in a pair. Now, let’s count these various other shoes. 1… 2… Hey, there are two pair of shoes in that pair, too! That’s math!” (Concept: Pairs)
Say, “Let’s look at your shoes. Each one of them has one more one similar to it. That’s what we speak to a pair. There room two shoes to every pair. What various other things space pairs?” aid your kid think of various other things that come in pairs, favor socks, hands, feet, mommy’s earrings, etc. (Concept: Pairs)
Say, “A pair is a set of two of something, like shoes. There are five sets, or pairs, of pair of shoes here. Let’s see how numerous shoes there room in 5 pairs.” counting them one in ~ a time gradually so they understand that every shoe gets a number. “So 5 bag is the very same as 10 shoes. That’s math!”(Concept: Counting)
Pull out a few pairs of her child’s shoes and also say, “Let’s counting how countless shoes we have here.” counting the pair of shoes helping your child to point to each one and also saying every number. At the end, let them know the last number you say is the number of shoes there are. E.g. If you have actually 6 pair of shoes you would say “1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… That way we have 6 pair of shoes altogether.” (Counting & Cardinality, CCSS K.CC.B.4b)
Say, “We can count this shoes by 2s rather of one at a time. This is 2.” point to the very first pair. “This is 4, and also this is 6. Counting by 2s is the exact same thing as including 2 over and over.” (Operations & Algebraic Thinking, CCSS 1.OA.C.5)
Say, “When we look at our shoes, we deserve to tell if there is an also or odd number of them. We just need to pair castle up. Let’s do that now.” help your child pair increase the shoes. “See, we have one left over so there space an strange number.” OR “See, every shoe has a pair therefore we have actually an even number.” (Operations & Algebraic Thinking, CCSS 2.OA.C.3)
Say, “These shoes are yours and also these belong to mommy. They’re in two various categories, but this pair (point to one of theirs) and this one (point to mommy’s) room both brown. They have the right to be placed in a category, too.” (Geometry, CCSS 3.G.A.1)
Say, “Let’s look in ~ the size on your shoes.” present your child where to discover the sizes. On the floor, do columns with shoes of every the very same sizes. Say, “Look, this column has actually all size 2 shoes, this one has actually 2 1/2 and this pillar is all your dimension 3 shoes.” (Measurement & Data, CCSS 4.MD.B.4)
Say, “Look – 3/5 of every the shoes are on the bottom. If i asked you to bring me fifty percent of the shoes on the bottom, how numerous shoes would that be?” (Number & work – Fractions, CCSS 5.NF.B.6)


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