If you've been tuning right into the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, you have actually seen the abbreviations of the completing countries ~ above the display and, at times, on the athletes' uniforms. Throughout the games, you've most likely has actually seen abbreviations prefer USA, CAN, GBR, and JPN, which are pretty clearly the unified States, Canada, an excellent Britain, and Japan.

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For the many part, nation abbreviations are basic to guess, however some are downright confusing, choose ROC, for instance, which isn't also an abbreviation because that an really country. Instead, ROC represents the Russian Olympic Committee. That's the surname under i m sorry Russian athletes now contend after the country was banned indigenous competition as result of widespread doping.

Another one that's not easy to figure out is SUI.


NBC reported that during women's coast volleyball, when the United states team (comprised the Alix Klineman and also April Ross) was play SUI in the semi-finals, fans were googling to uncover out what nation that was. Did you recognize that SUI is the abbreviation because that the nation Switzerland? monster right? Keep reading to uncover out why Switzerland is SUI.

Many would certainly think that the country's abbreviation would be SWI and also not SUI. The reason behind the SUI abbreviation has to do with the French language. The international Olympic Committee is actually based in Switzerland, and also their main language is French. Follow to Fansided, the translate into of the Swiss Federation in French is Fédération Suisse.

So, the abbreviation SUI is brief for Suisse. Those three letters can likewise be viewed on the swimming caps worn by the Swiss and also on the track and field uniforms. Interestingly Switzerland's abbreviation SUI is not simply in the Olympics. The Union of european Football Associations offers SUI as well.

Like Switzerland, a few other nations at the Olympics aren't abbreviated according to the first three letter of their country's English name. Spain is ESP, Iran is IRO ((Islamic Republic of Iran), and also the Ivory coast is CIV (Côte d'Ivoire), to name a new.

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Swimmer Jérémy Desplanches broke his Swiss document to reach the podium at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on July 30. He winner the copper medal in the men's 200m separation, personal, instance medley, beating the end Japan's Daiya Seto by only 0.05 seconds. His medal is historic for two reasons. First, it to be Switzerland's 200th medal in the background of the Summer Olympic Games.

Secondly, it is just the second medal that a Swiss swimmer has even won. The various other Olympic medal for swimming was winner by Etienne Dagon, that won the copper in 1984 in the 200m breaststroke.