Pipette controllers or fillers are offered to attract liquid right into a serological pipette. There are three different types of pipette controllers, ranging from an easy rubberized bulbs come the much more sophisticated engine- microprocessor managed pipette fillers. These close to ubiquitous liquid dealing with instruments might seem banal to some, but prior come the 1970’s, pipette controllers did no exist. However, laboratories did have pipettes and also the need to transfer liquid from one container to another.

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Before The Pipette Controller: just how did they perform it?

Mouth pipetting. Yes, mouth pipetting. If you’re not familiar with the term, are afraid not, a quick explanation is in order. If you have used one of the three types of pipette controllers, friend are conscious that the pear or motorized controller color etc the liquid right into the pipette. When one is mouth pipetting they draw the liquid into the pipette using suction created by your mouth. Think about the types of toxic and also corrosive substances, researchers and also scientists exposed themselves to once they would usage the mouth pipetting technique. Over there is a great article ~ above the find smashville247.net the goes into more details if you space interested in learning much more about the dangers of mouth pipetting. This method has been banned in all laboratories since of its linked health risks.

Simple yet Effective The simplest type of pipette controller is that the rubberized bulb variety. The rubber pipette filler is designed for an effective one-handed operation. Plenty of of these fillers come with three valves so that you can control air evacuation, liquid uptake, and also liquid dispensing quickly and also easily. Over there are also two valved pipette filler that release v an automatic valve. Although there are some slight distinctions in pipette fillers vary by the manufacturer the as whole principle is the same.

Simple Pipetting Aids

Hybrid Pipette Controllers blending the simplicity the the bulb styled pipette-aid with the ergonomic styling the a hand-operated pipette controller, these distinct pipette controllers will allow for also finer regulate of volumetric and serological pipettes.

Lightweight and also Easy to Use


The RF1000 Pipette Controller indigenous Heathrow clinical is uniquely designed for one-hand operation. The replaceable and also autoclavable tapered silicon pipette adapter enables for a huge range of pipette sizes varying from 1 come 50 milliliters. The intuitive design allows for an easy and simple liquid transfer throughout her laboratory, squeeze out the key bulb and also push the toggle forward to aspirate or back to dispense. Expel any type of remaining fluid by pushing the blowout bulb conveniently located above the toggle because that one-handed operation. This functional pipette controller is compatible with common, readily easily accessible replacement filters, i m sorry helps minimize the expense of ownership over time. Storage is a breeze v the magnetic wall mount that will assist prevent damage and also contamination to her pipette controller.

Simplifies Pipetting


The macro pipette controller native BrandTech Scientific has been a laboratory standard for decades, the newest version has actually been fully redesigned for intensified precision and control of all volumetric and serological pipettes from 0.1-200 milliliters. The features that make the macro pipette controller so famous in the lab, consisting of the “one-size-fits-all” silicone adapter, the reinforced ridge for easy tip wiping, and the perceptible toggle for smooth aspiration and dispensing, have actually all been kept in the brand-new version. The lull of use renders this pipette controller wonderful tool for laboratories with multiple and novice users. The macro eliminates the awkward hand positioning connected with rubber pipette bulbs when increasing manage of meniscus-level and also flow rate. This pipette controller is lightweight and features a serene grip design and low-resistance procedure which minimizes strain from an extensive pipetting.

Increase effectiveness with motor Pipette Controllers

Quickly and also easily deliver liquids throughout your lab through the press of a button. These pipette controllers have actually improved fluid transport considerably from the days of the unsafe practice of mouth pipetting. This innovative automatically pipettors carry out rapid, yet perceptible aspiration and dispensing.

The brand-new Standard In Pipette Controllers

Incorporate lull & performance attributes that do it most well-known one in the market. A new range dial lets you collection maximum pipetting speed. Offers 8hrs of complete speed procedure on a 4hrs charge.

BRAND accu-jet pro

The BRAND accu-jet pro pipette incorporates comfort and performance functions that make it among the most famous pipette controllers top top the market. The well balanced and lightweight, accu-jet agree is contoured to accommodate both small and big hands. The ergonomic architecture eliminates pressure points and provides low-fatigue pipetting operation. The pressure-sensitive buttons control pipetting speeds and the motor-speed-limiter improves accuracy once working with little volume pipettes. The accu-jet offers progressed electronic functions including one LED battery indicator, a long-life, environmentally familiar Nickel-Metal hydride battery, rate limiter, and also two distribution modes. The dual-mode charger gives a rapid charging in only 4 hours, ~ the full charge is complete, the charger switches to a pulsed setting to expand battery performance and life. The battery is easily accessible and the controller comes with two different style covers depending on your preferred storage method, benchtop or wall surface mounted. The charging socket is conveniently situated on the bottom that the grip allowing you come pipette and also charge simultaneously. The accu-jet come in 4 different shade accents for an individual preference or color-coding of activities application.

Packed With functions For Comfort and also Accurate Pipetting

The ambidextrous architecture of Heathrow Scientific’s RF3000 pipette controller functions concave padded triggers/thumb regulate for stress-free pipetting.

Heathrow scientific RF3000

The RF3000 native Heathrow Scientific has a powerful, microprocessor managed pump with adjustable valves that offers accurate and also dependable aspiration and dispensing of liquids. The global grip and also soft coated triggers room perfect for both right and also left handed users. The well well balanced controller provides users a comfortable experience as soon as working v a loaded pipette. The UV resistant housing extends the life the the controller when exposed to UV sterilization. The RF3000 comes with 5 autoclavable sleep cones consisting of one little pipette adapter, and three replacement 045 microliter filters for added versatility. Filter are readily available, for this reason you space not tied into a pipette certain brand i beg your pardon will aid reduce the overall cost that ownership. The little pipette adapter deserve to be equipment to the sleep cone to stabilize tiny volume and also thinner pipettes. The controller has a long-life Li-Ion Battery, through a rapid charge attribute that provides up come 20 hours of continuous use. Shining LED’s indicate three work modes, high, low, and gravity, which space activated through repeatedly pushing a huge mode button that is in straightforward reach of her thumb once in use. The RF3000 comes with a magnetic wall mount and also a benchtop charging station, making this pipette controller a welcomed addition to her laboratory.

Portable Pipette Controller


The Diamond SeroLogic portable pipette controller is a rechargeable electronic pipetting assist designed for use v glass or serological pipettes varying from 0.1 to 100 milliliter. The lightweight and ergonomic architecture provides you with effortless pipetting even throughout extensive use. The powerful 3-speed motor managed with soft-grip buttons provides you through up come eight hours of consistent use. The conveniently located speed manage switch allows you to operate the controller through one hand. The SeroLogic pipette controller uses a short battery indicator and also comes with two 1000mAH NiMH rechargeable batteries and an intelligent battery charger the protects versus overcharging, overheating and also short circuiting. A safety valve and also replaceable membrane filter provide dual protection versus fluid and aerosol contamination. The Diamond SeroLogic portable pipette controller contains a desktop stand because that bench top mounting and a wall surface mounting bracket for included flexibility.

3 much Safer Alternatives

Now that we have reviewed numerous safer choices to mouth pipetting, you must feel confident in selecting your following pipette filler/controller for your laboratory. Each kind of pipette controller has particular benefits and also features that you will want to carefully consider prior to making your decision. We have produced several product demo videos to assist you understand the different benefits offered by each kind of controller. We hope this guide was informative and helpful throughout your choice process, we’d favor your feedback. If friend have any questions or comments, please feel totally free to reach the end to united state on society media or just leave a comment below.

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