The movie gibbs Broderick Crawford died at the age of 74. Here is all you want to know, and also more!

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Oscar-winning actor who played Willie distinguishable in all the King’s Men and starred as Chief Dan Matthews ~ above the syndicated TV series, Highway Patrol. He also appeared in the 1960 film, Goliath and the Dragon.

He to be born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother was a Broadway and film actress and also his father to be a famous vaudeville performer.



“I collection antiques. Why? because they’re beautiful.” (Broderick Crawford)


“I have actually a jaundiced eye but a young mind.” (Broderick Crawford)


“It’s difficult to explain why I like Europe so much.” (Broderick Crawford)


“When people tell girlfriend they observed your last picture – well, the method they to speak it sounds like they hope it was.” (Broderick Crawford)


“I’m as well young for Medicare and also too old for broads come care.” (Broderick Crawford)

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