George Campbell Childress, lawyer, statesman, and author of the Texas statements of Independence, boy of man Campbell and Elizabeth (Robertson) Childress, was born ~ above January 8, 1804, at Nashville, Tennessee. In 1826 he i graduated from Davidson Academy (later the college of Nashville). He was admitted come the Tennessee bar in 1828 and also married Margaret Vance ~ above June 12 of the year. Their boy was born in march 1835, and also Margaret Childress passed away a few months later. Childress practiced law and for a brief period (September 1834-November 1835) edited the Nashville Banner and also Nashville Advertiser. In December 1834 the made his an initial trip to Texas, where his uncle, Sterling C. Robertson, was arranging Robertson"s colony.

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After spending some time increasing money and also volunteers in Tennessee because that the Texas army, athletic left permanently for Texas. He arrived on the Red flow on December 13, 1835, and reached Robertson"s nest on January 9, 1836. The adhering to February he and his uncle were elected to represent Milam Municipality at the Convention of 1836. Childress dubbed the convention come order and subsequently introduced a resolution authorizing a committee of 5 members to draft a declaration of independence. Upon adoption of the resolution, the was named chairman that the committee and also is virtually universally acknowledged as the primary writer of the document.

On in march 19 chairman David G. Burnet sent Robert Hamilton and also Childress, whose family was on familiar terms through President Andrew Jackson, to Washington as diplomatic agents because that the Republic the Texas. They were instructed come negotiate for acknowledgment of the republic. In late might 1836 your mission was terminated once they were changed by James Collinsworth and Peter W. Grayson.

On December 12, 1836, childress married Rebecca Stuart check out Jennings; they had actually two daughters. Childress returned to Texas three times—in 1837, 1839, and 1841—to open law offices, very first in Houston, then Galveston. Every time he was not successful in establishing a exercise that would support his family. Top top October 6, 1841, while life in Galveston, he slashed his abdomen through a Bowie knife and also died shortly thereafter. On respectable 21, 1876, childress County was formed and named in his honor.

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