Actress Jill Ireland, that cheated death for 6 years in a windy battle against cancer with her husband Charles Bronson at she side, died Friday. She to be 53.

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Bronson, your children and her mommy were at her bedside when she passed away after one emergency medical help team had been called to their house in the movie star colony of Malibu.

Ireland stated she went public through her battle against cancer to bolster the soul of other women encountering the very same ordeal. She composed two ideal sellers around it, "Life Lines" and also "Life Wish," and also was working on a third book.

Ireland, that starred with her husband in 19 films, including "The Valachi Papers" and also "Death great II," fought until the end -- undergoing emergency chemistry therapy and also having blood transfusions to to visit the wedding of her son, Paul McCallum, 2 weeks ago.

At the wedding, supported by the stone-faced, movie "bad guy" Bronson, the british actress controlled a wave to the crowd before being helped earlier to she car, although she voice to be hoarse.

At the wedding, she had to stay a wig since of hair loss indigenous chemotherapy treatment. She appeared weak and matchstick-thin, a shadow of the bubbly, ramrod straight blond woman who had starred in movies such as "Carry top top Nurse" and "Oh, Rosalinda."

She also cheated doctors" death predictions by attending what she referred to as a tragedy worse 보다 her struggle with cancer -- the funeral last year the her embraced son Jason McCallum, who died of one overdose that drugs.

She very first learned she had actually cancer 6 years ago. She then showed up to have actually overcome the disease with a mastectomy, a strong will and six month of chemotherapy. However the cancer slowly spread v her lungs, pelvis and also lymph nodes.

Her determination to live winner the admiration the Hollywood and people round the human being sent her letter of support. She provided public lectures on her struggle.

Born in Hounslow top top the outskirts of London and also trained in ballet, Ireland an initial appeared top top the phase at the Chiswick Empire, in London. She got in films and also met she future husband, McCallum, in "Robbery Under Arms.

They relocated to the united States and McCallum and also Bronson showed up together in the movie "The good Escape." McCallum introduced his mam to Bronson. "I took one look in ~ Charlie and also knew my life was never going to be the same again," Ireland said.

Bronson and also his then wife, Harriet Tendler, were divorced in 1965 and Jill Ireland and McCallum to be divorced in 1967. Bronson and also Ireland to be married a year later and also they elevated a family members of five -- his two, her three and their very own daughter, Zuleika.

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