Kristin Harmon Nelson dies at 72; note Harmon Snubs ‘Destitute’ Sister together She was On her Deathbed negative blood between the estranged brothers stretched back 30 years.

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Radar Online- NCIS star mark Harmon has actually never forgiven his big sister because that fighting him in a long-ago custody fight over her son — and now he refuse to check out her prior to her death. has actually learned gravely okay Kristin Nelson, 71, has been hospitalized in new Mexico, but Harmon hasn’t bothered to speak to or visit her.

“Kristin has gone native one medical crisis to the next,” revealed a family insider close to late singer Ricky Nelson’s ex-wife and her 4 adult youngsters — actress Tracy, twins Matthew and also Gunnar the the tape Nelson, and also son Sam.

Almost 2 years ago, Kris take it a poor fall, and had come have liquid drained from she skull to relieve press on she brain,” added the source. “Mark was mindful of it, but chose no to visit her.”

More recently, Nelson has remained in the intensive care unit that CHRISTUS St. Vincent regional Medical facility in Santa Fe, where she’s lived and also worked as an artist.

She to be stricken with pneumonia, i beg your pardon turned into the potentially lethal staph epidemic MRSA.

To make matters worse, “Kristin is almost destitute,” said the source. “She gained a tiny inheritance indigenous her mommy who passed away in 2012, but that money’s essentially gone now.”

Despite that, her affluent brother — who’s one of TV’s highest-paid stars thanks to his gig together Leroy Jethro Gibbs top top NCIS — won’t kick in a coin to assist her out, said

Harmon, 65, is quiet bitter over the custody war he waged through Nelson end her child Sam, adhering to the 1985 plane crash death of his rock star dad, Ricky Nelson, stated the source.

During a court battle, Harmon declared Nelson to be a pill-popping junkie and unfit mother.

In 1987, ~ Nelson did a stint in rehab, Harmon and also actress-wife Pam Dawber went to court seeking irreversible custody that Sam, who was then 12.

On the stand, Dawber testified she had actually seen Nelson “blasted” when shopping, and said Sam was afraid to go

Dawber of utilizing cocaine while working on TV’s Mork & Mindy through the late Robin Williams.

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Shortly before Dawber to be to testify around her drug use, i m sorry she denied, Harmon abruptly reduce the lawsuit.

Nelson later said, “I knew from the time on the our household would never be the exact same again, and also it hasn’t been.”