As we formerly reported, Trina clarified she statements about the present protests following nationally and also internationally versus police brutality while also issuing an apology, and also now she nemesis Khia has some criticism.

“This hoe is quiet trying to apologize. Chile boo! This currently dead,” Khia stated in a video that was common to social media. “This is her spirit walking roughly hunting the people and it’s time for united state to kill the spirit. Let’s talk about the order.”

“We the human being don’t desire to hear her apology. Gag order,” Khia continued. “We the civilization have pulled up your priors and also you space a repeat habitual offender, therefore you room canceled for that reason alone.”

“Sour puss, you room being charged through being a dumb end talking your ,” Khia went on. “Talking your and trying come apologize for it. Right flopping, just like your career.”

Khia accused Trina the “lying and trying to take it it back.” “Having smoke v your very own people however wouldn’t slap the out of the saltine cracker that dubbed you one n-word to your face in Walmart.”

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NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 11: Hip-hop artist Trina attends bet 106 and also Park ~ above June 11, 2014 in brand-new York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty pictures for BET)

Khia was referring, in part, to comments that Trina made around the recent protests. “I simply want to say ns apologize sincerely to everybody i offended by what ns said. I spoke passionately around how ns felt around people ruining our ar here in Miami, Florida, Dade County…I to be speaking around the community,” Trina said on June 4.

“I’m not trying to take anything far from everyone who has been abused, bullied, harassed, or anything yet the police. That’s never ever where i was coming from or any type of ill will whatsoever. And also I have the right to see exactly how that to be insensitive.”

“So, ns apologize because that that likewise because in no type was the what ns meant. So, i take complete responsibility due to the fact that it to be a mistake. It came off wrong,” Trina continued. “I didn’t say the ideal thing. So, I know why people are in attack mode or feeling that way, yet I would never ever before say the my people, black color people, our people are animals. That’s no Trina, and also if you understand me you know.”

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As we formerly reported, critical November, Trina went off on a customer in Walmart who allegedly referred to as her the N-Word and then also a b—-, together Khia referenced in her video. The “BAPS” rapper by chance bumped right into a client while in line at a Cooper City, Florida Walmart according to TMZ. The woman that Trina bumped into then responded by saying, “Watch out, friend n—-r b—-.”

Trina says Walmart Shopper referred to as Her "N***** Bitch" | TMZ

Trina"s shopping pilgrimage to Walmart turned racial when one more customer allegedly called her a "n***** bitch" ... And cops ended up gaining involved. SUBSCRIBE:...