In The Catcher in the Rye, the mental condition Holden Caulfield likely suffers from is depression. Over there is additionally evidence the he could have post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder complying with the lose of his brother, Allie.

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definitely Holden Caulfield can be diagnosed v depression. He confesses to feeling pretty emotionally miserable many times in the book, and also sometimes this thoughts space dark sufficient that he feels suicidal, such as in thing 14:

It took me quite a if to gain to sleep—I wasn’t also tired—but finally...

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Certainly Holden Caulfield can be diagnosed through depression. He confesses to emotion pretty emotionally miserable plenty of times in the book, and sometimes these thoughts space dark enough that he feels suicidal, such together in thing 14:

It take it me fairly a when to acquire to sleep—I wasn’t also tired—but finally I did. What ns really feeling like, though, was committing suicide. Ns felt like jumping the end the window. I probably would’ve done it, too, if I’d been certain somebody’d cover me up as shortly as ns landed. Ns didn’t desire a bunch that stupid rubbernecks looking in ~ me as soon as I was every gory.

Holden"s emotional darkness is an ext than typical teenage angst; he see himself as hopeless and struggles to find a objective for life. These feelings reason him to feel overwhelming sadness, such as in thing 7:

When ns was all set to go, when I had actually my bags and also all, ns stood for a while beside the stairs and also took a critical look under the goddam corridor. I was kind of crying. Ns don’t recognize why.

Holden security a good deal the time thinking about his own mental state, frequently referring come himself together a "madman" in his own life. Over there is a disconnect indigenous the world roughly him, and also he regularly seems to interact with those roughly him as nothing more than actors in the story the his life. In chapter 22, Phoebe speak Holden that he doesn"t it seems to be ~ to prefer anything. Every one of these attributes support a diagnosis the depression.

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It"s feasible that Holden is also suffering native post-traumatic anxiety disorder adhering to the death of his brother, Allie. Best after he learned that this great loss, Holden smashed the glass windows out of their garage v his bare hands. Even in irradiate of his loss, the spontaneously violent reaction to be seemingly a red flag to his parents, who taken into consideration having him psychoanalyzed ~ the event. Interestingly, it appears they never adhered to through initially, and Holden later spends time talking to Allie once he find himself an especially depressed, such as in chapter 14. Though Holden likely suffered from depression prior to his brother"s death, those feelings it seems ~ to have intensified complying with that loss.