Carnivores just eat various other animals. They carry out not eat any type of plants.Harpy Eagles, Jaguar, and Piranhas are several of the carnivores that live in the Amazon Rain Forest. This is whereby they room in the food chain: plants > herbivores > carnivores.

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Green Anaconda

At the height of the food chain and also one of the larges line in the world.Lives on the financial institutions of the amazon river and spends time in the water.They eat large rodents, tiny mammals, frogs, fish, and also even crocodiles. Male is the only known predator.

Venus fly Trap

Vampire Bat

The Red Bellied Piranha

Found in the rivers, streams anddeep locations below waterfalls inthe Amazon.They eat smaller sized fish. Bigger fish andsmall mammals may be assaulted if over there is a college of piranhas.
Lives greatly in the understory layer.Eats insects,such together grasshoppers, millipedes, beetles, various other spiders,and frogs, even rodents and tiny birds.Its only real natural enemy is pest known together the spider wasp.
They eat insects and other invertebrates like various other mantises, beetles, butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers, and also even spiders. They also eat vertebrates together as little tree frogs, lizards, mice and hummingbirds.Its main predators are frogs, monkeys, larger birds, spiders and also snakes.
Lives in the Amazon river.Caimans eat fish, crabs, and also shrimp.Would friend eat a Caiman? Can"t think of anything that would, other than the pesky anaconda - a really large one!
Lives in the Emergent layer.Eats mostly tiny birds.This eagle eats everything and only a few animals space not intimidated by thesebirds, such as Anaconda and also Jaguar.
The largest and mostpowerful member that the Amazon cats – top of the food chain and amongst the largest living cats.They regularly hunt close to water for huge animals ~ above the woodland floor such together peccary, deer and also capybara. Lock will additionally take birds, fish, turtles and smaller mammals.Jaguars rarely undertaking into the trees.
You"re ideal chances of seeing a jaguar are if you space in a forest area, close to a stream, close to nightfall.This pet is for this reason rare that it is estimated that there are only 200 complete in the Amazon Rainforest.The jaguar is threatened so girlfriend are an extremely unlikely to check out one in the wild.
Eats bats, birds, lizards, rodents, opossums, tiny reptiles, little mammalsIs eaten by harpy eagles, humans, and saddleback tamarins.
The Amazon river dolphin deserve to be discovered in the Amazon flow systemas well together the Orinoco river system.They eat end 50 species of fish as well ascrustaceans discovered on the river bottom and the occasional turtle.Human activity isthe key threat to the Amazon flow dolphin. The dolphins oftenbecome tangled in the nets the fishermen and also die. The building ofhydroelectric dams in southern American rivers, pollution, the ns of habitat anddecrease in food sources are every threats.

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The most typical rainforest cat, however is nocturnal and rarely seen.Much smaller than the jaguar and also eats smaller mammals, mostly rodents. As soon as it it s okay the possibility it will eat birds, lizards and also snakes.This cat is widely pursued for its skinand is on the endangered varieties list.