Cam has actually kept gerbils for number of years and likes to supplement her pets' diets through the occasional healthy and balanced treat.

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Gerbils love healthy snacks, yet which fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts room safe because that them to eat?

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Like many rodents, gerbils will certainly eat nearly anything we consider food, yet what's healthy for our pet is another story entirely. Gerbils' diets need to consist mostly of formulated gerbil mixes and also pellets. Some common types of food the gerbil-keepers use as healthy and balanced treats for your pets include:


Within these categories, there room many certain foods the are healthy for gerbils. There are, however, some foods that autumn into this categories that have to be avoided at all costs, as they might be harmful to her gerbils' health. Some "good" and "bad" foodstuffs from each of this categories are provided below.


Nuts make a great gerbil treat, but be certain to avoid any type of that are ready with salt or flavoring.

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1. What Nuts have the right to Gerbils Eat?

Nuts space yummy come gerbils, yet you must be mindful when choosing what type you give them. While nuts room a for sure food overall, the species of nuts that humans deserve to eat and the varieties of nuts that gerbils have the right to eat room different.

Healthy Nuts that Gerbils Love

PeanutsAlmondsPistachiosPecansMacadamia NutsBrazil Nuts

The over nuts space all an extremely healthy in tiny amounts for gerbils. However, plenty of packaged nuts offered in continuous food stores are prepared in ways that make them unhealthy because that gerbils.

Nuts the Gerbils should Not Eat

Salted nutsCooked nutsFlavored nuts

Nuts that are cooked, salted, or flavored are regularly toxic and sometimes deadly to gerbils. Cook nuts room the the very least offending of the above, however they space still unhealthy because that pet gerbils. Salted is the next worst top top the list. Flavored nuts take it the lead together the worst form of nut to provide to a gerbil.


Gerbils can eat many types of seeds, but fruit seeds must be avoided as some are an overwhelming to digest and many are poisonous.

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2. What Seeds can Gerbils Eat?

Seeds are an additional healthy food the gerbils enjoy. Seeds through soft shells have the right to be given to gerbils v their shells tho intact. Gerbils will chew best through them and also wear under their constantly-growing teeth in the process, lot as lock would when consuming seeds in their natural environment.

Healthy seed That Gerbils Love

PumpkinSesameSunflower (in moderation—sunflower seed are very fatty)Seeds of grasses, bulbs, and also herbs

The over seeds room all very healthy because that gerbils. Favor nuts, however, countless packaged seeds sold in shop are ready in ways that do them unhealthy because that gerbils.

Seeds that Gerbils need to Not Eat

Salted seedsFlavored seedsCooked seedsFruit seed (many fruit seeds deserve to be poisonous to gerbils)

When feeding your gerbils seed or nuts native the store, it's constantly a good idea to read the packaging and also ingredient list to make sure that the nuts room plain, raw, and complimentary from cooking, salt, and also flavoring.


Gerbils love apples, yet be sure to store the seeds out of their reach as they contain poisonous cyanide.

Robert-Owen-Wahl via Pixabay

3. What Fruits have the right to Gerbils Eat?

Like humans, gerbils discover most fruit delicious. As result of their sugar content, however, fruits must be provided to pet gerbils only occasionally and in tiny amounts.

Healthy fruits That Gerbils Love


All of the above make great treats. Gerbils have actually a sweet tooth, and also fruits can assist them keep their hair coat clean and also shiny. Fruits may also keep your minds and also bodies active.

Fruits the Gerbils must Not Eat

Avocados (these can reason poisoning and also death in gerbils)Grapes (some sources report that grapes may be poisonous to rodents)Apple seeds (apples space fine but their seed contain cyanide and also are poisonous to gerbils)Other fruit seed (many various other fruit seeds likewise contain cyanide, and almost all space very an overwhelming to digest)


Fresh veggies choose carrots do healthy and delicious snacks for gerbils.

frankieleon, CC through 2.0 via Flickr

4. What Vegetables have the right to Gerbils Eat?

Vegetables carry out important vitamins and minerals come humans, and also they can advantage gerbils in the exact same way.

Healthy Vegetables the Gerbils Love

CucumberZucchiniBell PepperGreen BeanPeaCarrotCorn (in small amounts) Cabbage (in moderation, the high water content deserve to act together a laxative)Lettuce (in moderation, the high water content can act as a laxative)

The over are all an extremely healthy because that gerbils in tiny amounts. In enhancement to providing important vitamins and also nutrients, vegetables can assist keep gerbils' teeth clean and totally free from rot and disease.

Vegetables the Gerbils need to Not Eat

Rhubarb (some sources report that rhubarb have the right to be poisonous to rodents)Garlic and also onion (these can reason blood abnormalities in part rodents)Raw potato

Produce Safety

Remove any type of fresh fruits or vegetable 4–5 hours after putting them in the cage to avoid your gerbils from eating rotten produce.

Food Preparation

Fruits and also vegetables should be washed come remove any type of harmful substances or pesticide from their surfaces. Wash develop in warm, clean water, climate scrub to remove any kind of dirt.

Nuts, seeds, and store-bought food mixtures must be put in the freezer for at least five hours (ideally overnight) before they room fed to her gerbil. These can sometimes contain small insects or insect eggs. Putting the food in the freezer kills any bugs or eggs that may or may not be there. If her gerbils gain in contact with particular bugs, they might experience discomfort, disease, and also in extreme cases, even death. Please be cautious and also freeze your food.

Store-Bought Gerbil Foods

Store-bought mixes are terrific foods for gerbils. These should comprise the majority of her pet's diet. Ideally, look because that gerbil food mixes that contain a big amount and variety of nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

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