A parenthesis is a punctuation mark used to enclose information, similar to a bracket. The open parenthesis, which looks prefer (, is used to start parenthetical text. The close parenthesis, ), denotes the end of parenthetical text. The many of parenthesis is parentheses.

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How to form parentheses

To type an open parenthesis top top a U.S. Keyboard, hold down the transition and push 9 at the height of the keyboard. To form a nearby parenthesis, hold transition and press 0 (zero).


To develop a tilde on a smartphone or tablet, open the touch keyboard, move to the numbers (123) or icons (sym) section, and touch the "(" or ")" symbol.

What room parentheses offered for?

In writing, parentheses can express added information, an aside, or special remarks. For instance, "The child received a stern great (and the deserved it)."

5 + 2 x 5 = 15Multiplication is peformed before addition, according to the standard order the operations. However, in this expression:

( 5 + 2 ) x 5 = 35The enhancement inside the parentheses is carry out first, and also the sum is then offered in the rest of the expression. This type of mathematics expression, whereby the result depends top top the position of parentheses, is dubbed non-associative.

Parentheses in computer system programming

Below is an example of exactly how parentheses might be supplied in one if statement, utilizing the Perl programming language.

if ($test =~ //) print "It works! ";

Regular expression parentheses

With continual expressions, parentheses capture text. For example, in the adhering to Perl constant expression, the variable $piglatin take away anything beginning with "th" and also moves it to the finish of the line.

$piglatin =~ s/^(th)(.*)/21/i;

Parentheses in spreadsheet formulas

The following example shows how a formula utilizing parentheses may show up in Microsoft Excel. In the example below, the formula adds cell A1 v A5 to obtain a complete sum.


Parenthesis vs parentheses

Parenthesis defines a single "(" or ")" mark and also is thought about singular. Clip is the plural version that defines both the "(" and ")" marks. For example, in the listed below sentence "random access memory" is had within parentheses.

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RAM (random access memory) is a type of computer system memory that stores information temporarily.

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