The robin is a an excellent sight to view in her garden or allotment and also is among the most popular birds in the UK. They space a more common vision in wintertime as soon as other food sources end up being scarce.

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They are often tempted back into her garden to check out what treats you have actually for them, therefore ideally, you require to recognize what foodstuffs do robins prefer to eat?

Robins eat off bird tables and flat feeding stations, therefore, to attract robins girlfriend will need to carry out foods like; mealworms, sliced berries, fruit, seeds and also crushed nuts on them.

Robins will likewise feast ~ above bushes and also plants in your garden that develop berries such as ivy berries, juniper berries, mistletoe, blackberries, gooseberries and also strawberries.


However, first, you have to know…

When’s The ideal Time to start Feeding Robins?

The ideal time to start feeding robins is around early autumn and right through to early on spring.

You have to start feeding robins in your garden as soon as it starts acquiring a bit colder outdoors and also their herbal food an option and preferences become much more scarce.


Birdbaths must be routinely filled through freshwater as robins love to bathe and also drink on regular basis especially during the winter months and this water have to be changed daily.

List of best Foods to feeding Robins!


Whilst robins love all varieties of grubs and insects, the best food you can buy to lure robins to your garden room mealworms. This come in dried type and are straightforward to save in her cupboard.

Robins favor to eat indigenous a level surface and also placing dried mealworms ~ above a bird table the is in a safe location is perfect because that inviting these impressive birds to her garden.


Mealworms, even though they are dried room packed complete of nutrients, likewise include fat, protein, and fibre come ensure that a robin can gain through what might be a hard winter.

Mealworms have the right to be purchase online and they come dried and well packaged, so for the faint-hearted the end there, there is naught crawling around in a packet to concern about.

When you location mealworms the end for robins ensure the you sprinkle a tiny water top top them together this will make them much easier for the bird to carry and will avoid them from transforming to dust.

If you add a little amount that water come the mealworms it will certainly reduce just how long you have the right to leave them external for together they will damage so ensure the you recognize robins are present.

Sunflower Hearts

Robins love sunflower seeds, however the shell have the right to sometimes loss their tiny beaks. Opt because that the hulled variety, known as sunflower hearts.

They are normally alright whole, yet buying them kibbled, or crushing them into smaller piece yourself, makes it simple for the birds to gain them.



And reap them lock will. This kernels that nutty goodness space rich in the healthy fats and proteins robins crave.

During Winter, the high-fat content is specifically useful, and also the protein is sought after during the adjustment season. These seeds space a year-round treat because that robins and other birds.

Sunflower hearts likewise contain;

Vitamin AB-6Calong v calciumpotassiumfibreand iron

They are a terrific addition to a well balanced diet.

Serve lock as part of a mix with other seeds, fruits, fats, and mealworms but limit the amount you place on your bird table come what you expect the bird to consume within 2 days.

Due to your oil content, these seeds will certainly go rancid as soon as not save properly.


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Besides place the mind on a bird table or tray, that fine to fill them right into a mesh feeder or to scatter lock on the ground. Don’t worry around sunflowers taking over her yard.

Hulled seeds are much less likely come pass v the robin intact, and also it is infrequent that they germinate in ~ all.

Nyjer Seeds

The sunflower isn’t the only yellow-petaled plant the produces seeds that make robins sing v joy. The african yellow daisy produce seeds known as nyjer seeds.


You might have likewise heard them called by a various name: thistle seeds. This is misleading, as they have actually nothing to execute with thistle plants.

An oilseed, the nyjer particle is high in fat. In fact, end a 3rd of the nutrient contents comes in the type of fat, complied with by protein and also fibre.

Yet these tiny seeds likewise manage to load even an ext into their black color shells. Castle contain a tiny sugar, together with niacin, oleic acid, and also antioxidants.

Nyjer seeds make because that a confusing meal when they aren’t included within a feeder. The seeds space so tiny and light, birds will scatter the bulk of them turn off of a bird table or tray if eating.

Seeds knocked come the ground space not entirely wasted, an especially in the situation of robins, which are ground feeders. But, a nyjer feeder is a worthwhile invest to prevent waste, if you arrangement to usage this pricey feeding regularly.


Most birds space crazy around the sticky-sweet morsels that are raisins, and robins are no exception. The an outcome of drying grapes, raisins are filled v the very same nutrients current when dried too.

Natural sugar provides robins v the readily accessible energy that feeds your high metabolism. Raisins are also a good source that potassium, fibre, protein, calcium, and vitamins.


Fresh raisins tend to be soft enough for robins come peck right into heartily.

However, in the warmer months, you need to do her feathered friends a favour and also soak the raisins in warm water come re-hydrate them prior to placing castle out.

Soaking renders raisins less complicated to consume, while additionally providing fluids in the heat. Regardless of the moment of year, hard raisins need to be soaked until they are fairly soft.

Serve them increase on a level feeder, like your trusty tray or table. Simply make certain the location is out of with of dogs and cats, as raisins room toxic come them, and also could prove deadly if eaten.


An apologize a day might keep the doctor away, but when it comes to robins, that a lure. That doesn’t matter which selection of apologize you pick as lengthy as they’re offered upright, birds will chow under on them.

Like many fruits, the mass of one apple’s calorie come from natural sugar. Lock also great sources of Vitamin C and carry out useful fibre.


Served fresh, castle are additionally full the moisture. If you pick dried apples, soak lock to maintain this benefit, which makes them less of a job to eat for a robins beak.

To prepare whole apples, cut them into halves or slices, or chop lock into even smaller pieces. Just make sure that the birds aren’t wasting time and energy handling the skin.

Also, save in mind the overripe apples are preferable. The softer lock are, the sweeter the flesh, and also the less complicated it is for tiny robins come peck out a beak-full.

If you’re using an apple feeder, peel the apple before you stick the onto the spike whole. Make sure the flesh is conveniently accessible.

Apples have the right to go poor quickly and become a sticky mush that attracts flies and other pests. Be sure to clean up leftovers ~ a work or so, to protect against this problem.


These fat-rich legumes space beloved by a wide selection of birds and can be prepared in different ways come cater come each. As soon as it involves robins, you should definitely remove the shell.

The next step is to crush the seed right into smaller, mine friendly pieces.


You have the right to buy kibbled peanuts to protect against the hassle of doing every this yourself. Just make certain that you buy one unsalted variety, as all the excess salt is detrimental to robins.

Once prepped, you have actually a healthy feed. Peanuts room high in fat, fibre, potassium, iron, calcium, protein, magnesium — they room well suited to avian diets.

Unfortunately, squirrels are likewise crazy about peanuts and will devour all the they can obtain their paws on. Don’t do it easy for them.

Purchase a squirrel-proof feeder come ensure the feed remains easily accessible to the birds.

Peanuts can be expensive to sell on a continual basis. Drive the price down by mix them through cheaper seeds, prefer sunflower hearts and even crushed dried peas too.


This is the ultimate solution when it comes to fulfilling the flock’s fat requirements. Suet is beef fat, or periodically mutton fat, that deserve to be rendered into tallow the birds adore.

There room no extr nutritional benefits to suet. The is a healthy type of fat, with negligible iron and also protein content. Suet will additionally attract other small birds to feeding in her garden.


Alone, the only provides one that the robin’s diet needs, however as a medium for combining other ingredients, suet permits you to do nutritionally complete cakes and bars.

Simply warm it till it melts into a liquid state, then add in seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and even insects in whatever mix you like.

Cool the in a plastic mould (ice trays yield good results) of your desired shape and also size, and you’ve do your very own bird nutrition bars.

Suet is most effective in winter for robins and you may uncover it goes turn off quickly during other seasons since most small birds, consisting of robins, have enough to eat without visiting gardens

You shouldn’t put it the end on hot days because it can melt right into a mess that merely attracts pests. That can likewise go rancid if maintained in high heat conditions too long.

You can find a selection of suet feeders, and this is another case where you must opt because that a squirrel-proof model.


When it pertains to the sweet law of gold maize, robins have an advantage over humans since they have the right to enjoy the kernels even if it is cooked or raw.

In either form, maize is a an excellent source the carbohydrates, many thanks to that high strength content. It additionally contains useful quantities of fibre, sugar, potassium, and also iron.


Additionally, cooked maize is plump through water, making the a resource of fluids for a thirsty bird. Just make sure that the kernels to be cooked with no included spices or salt.

Raw kibbled maize has its own advantages for robins. Whole kernels, also when cooked, have the right to be too huge for little birds to swallow whole, and unwieldy to rest apart or get into.

Kibbled maize is damaged down into smaller pieces, posing a little challenge for robins to eat and also to digest. The is likewise less the a target for squirrels once scattered on the ground.

Maize is one of the an ext inexpensive feeds, so that is a good choice for a healthy, high power filler to mix in v the other, pricier options.

It is versatile and also can be offered on trays, in feeders, or as component of a suet mix.


Robins will certainly happily peck far at oatmeal, however it is crucial to only serve it to them raw.

Cooked or moist oatmeal eventually hardens to a rock-like consistency. If it hardens top top a bird’s mine it might suffocate them, or cause them to starve.


Even raw, there are additional considerations. Of the three arrays of oats, you must prioritize instant and also rolled oats. They have been processed, and are much less troublesome because that robins.

Pinhead oats have the right to be provided as well, however, and also robins will eat them. But, they are an ext inflexible and also will take longer to digest.

Oatmeal is as healthy for birds as it is because that humans, though it has actually a an extremely high iron content which deserve to be dangerous for birds if lock eat too much of it.

Otherwise, that is likewise high in fibre, vitamins A and also B-6, magnesium, and also calcium. The even contains a small number of healthy fats.

It is perfect acceptable to strew oatmeal in the grass, as robins will diligently hunt because that the tasty groats. But, consider including them come a suet mix to include fat and also other lacking nutrients come the meal.


Potatoes room a food that birds like to it is in cooked. Small or boiled, roasted or mashed, cook spuds will certainly surely have actually robin redbreast singing her praises.

But, don’t market fried potato (chips) on the menu, and also avoid offer them raw.


Fried potatoes have actually unhealthy levels of fat and also sodium. Top top the other hand, raw potatoes have far too much starch, and they contain enzymes that interfere with a bird’s digestion.

When properly prepared, however, potato provide terrific energy boost via carbs. Their high water content offers hydration, and also a little protein and also fibre make sure they are filling.

The skins just obtain in the way of this meal. If you room serving whole baked potatoes, cut them well open up so that the birds have the right to reach the soft interior.

However, you cook them, make sure you permit them cool fully before supplying them up. Potato interiors have the right to remain quite hot and also can damaged an unwary robin.

As with the other feed types, don’t add any salt to the potatoes when you cook them. If you want to liven up the flavour or the nutritional profile, sprinkle seeds over lock instead.

Collect the peels and also remnants regularly, to prevent attracting pests. Potato is an excellent compost material, for this reason feel totally free to add the leftovers to your compost heap.


Cheese to represent a unique treat for birds. Dairy commodities are generally poor for ours beaked buddies, yet some fermented dairy products are in reality safe.

Note that I stated “some.” as soon as feeding cheese to birds, stick come mild varieties, and also avoid soft cheeses. Gentle cheddar is a safe bet that robins will discover scrumptious.


There space English cheeses that likewise fit the bill. Collection the bird table through Wensleydale or Red Leicester for a locally-sourced meal. Cheese is a fat-rich food to keep a robin’s power up.

It also has a well balanced offering of potassium, protein, sodium, and also cobalamin, and also a high sheep of bone-and-beak-fortifying calcium. Blocks, slices and hard cheese have the right to be aer for tiny birds.

To serve the cheese, first, grate it down into little morsels. Location it ~ above a bird table or tray in limited amounts, and also be sure to come ago to clean increase leftovers.

Cheese left exterior can start to display mould in a fairly short time, posing a health hazard.

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Keep in mind the cheese must be readily available as an sometimes treat, and also should never make up the bulk of her feed.