The American Dream is originally about the discovery of happiness, but by the 1920s, this dream has come to be perverted right into this desire for wide range by everything means; mistaken the money will carry happiness. F. Scott Fitzgerald does not united state the native “American Dream” in the novel, The good Gatsby, but it is apparent that he shows the impossibility that achieving joy through the American Dream. Fitzgerald demonstrates with symbols and also motifs the impossibility that the American Dream.

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Another dominant symbol in ~ this novel is the billboard eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg. The eyes symbolize the lose of spiritual values in America. The billboard was erected to promote the service of one optometrist in Queensborough – the eyes symbolize the cultivation commercialism of America – life in America is all around making money, a lot of money as shown by the riches of world like Tom Buchanan – a man’s success is measured in terms of just how much money the is worth, no on what kind of person he might be morally. The billboard, like the spiritual values of America, is neglected – “But his eyes, dimmed a small by many paintless days, under sun and also rain, brood on end the solemn dumping ground.” The old-fashioned values of America, i beg your pardon Nick Carraway returns to reconnect v in the mid-West are completely absent native the East, God seems to have abandoned America, leaving only Dr. T.J. Eckleburg behind to rigid down v his empty eyes on world who have actually abandoned their spiritual worths in the quest to achieve material wealth.
Moreover, the eyes likewise symbolize the corruption of America’s people. The eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg stare under on the main characters as they happen underneath the billboard ~ above their means into new York City wherein Tom carries on his adulterous affair, where Gatsby cd driver Nick to satisfy Wolfshiem, the male who resolved the world Series, whereby Daisy rushes turn off to uncover a couple of thrills with her over, Gatsby. The eyes seem come frown under on this characters, Wilson equates T.J.’s eyes to the eyes of God. That recounts to Michaelis what he says to Myrtle after discovering his affair, “‘and I claimed “God knows what you’ve to be doing, every little thing you’ve been doing. You might fool me, but you can’t fool God!”” However, Michaelis make the efforts to allude out come him the “It’s simply a billboard.”

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Lastly, the eyes likewise suggest the hollowness the the American Dream. There is this idea that a person who originates from humble origins could achieve the Dream if they room willing to occupational hard and take advantage of opportunities. This is viewed in Gatsby and also Myrtle whereby they bootleg and also commit adultery respectively. However, the frowning eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg look down on the valley of the Ashes as if to say that the American Dream is one huge lie – the American Dream developed wealth for part (like Gatsby), but for the bulk of people, their wishes for gold is just like the ashes. The truth is that not everyone have the right to have as lot money as the Buchanans have – because that every Buchanan, there space thousands that Wilsons. The idea the everyone can live the dream is just a dream. For most, life is the nightmare that the valley of the Ashes i m sorry the eye frown under on all day long.