A year back, I visited my aunt’s farmhouse where she has almost all sorts of animals including ducks and cattle. I went to visit her barn, near the corner I saw a huge cow with a tiny baby cow who was shocked at seeing a stranger that was me, haha!

My heart melted at seeing the calf’s cuteness and I decided to adopt one for which I researched about them. So let’s find it out in this article!

What is a baby cow called? A baby cow is called a calf. Calves can walk and stand on their own within almost an hour of their birth. It is not easy to decide if a calf is male or female. Healthy calves like to play around and are super friendly.

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Calves need colostrum to live a healthy life when they are adults which are the very first milk produced by the mother cow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is a Baby Cow Called?

A baby cow is called a Calf but you would be surprised to know that a baby cow is not the only one that possesses a title “calf”. There are many other baby animals also ranging from small to large sizes that are given this term to be differentiated from others. 

Think I am exaggerating? You need to know that babies of elephant, moose, elk, whale, rhino, ox, reindeer, giraffe, camel, buffalo, yak, wildebeest and some other animals are also called calves. Yes, the plural of a calf is calves.

Baby Cow Fun Facts

Cows are not only famous for providing people with beef but also because they have the largest milk-producing glands and four nipples. In order to make a cow produce milk, she has to be pregnant.

Let’s now know details about the calves:

Calves are colorblind to red and green colors.Calves do play when they are all satisfied. They will not play when they are sick, hungry or in pain.Alfalfa is also liked by calves.Cows and calves both have a great memory and they remember the people’s faces.In many farms, the calves are separated from the mother the day they are born which is truly unethical and should be stopped.

What is a baby cow called when you eat it

There are certain dishes that involve beef from baby cows which is called veal. Veal usually comes from male calves that are not used for breeding purposes. 

Although, eating a baby cow or any other animal is not usually considered good because it obviously includes a lot of cruelty and literally the childhood of an animal is ruined but there are still people who are not only beef lovers but also veal lovers. However, veal is more costly than regular beef derived from older cattle.

What is a baby male cow called

I know the feeling! You have a male baby cow but you are not sure what is the specific name for a male baby calf. Right? Baby cows whether male or female both are called calves. You can call it a bull calf with great confidence because that’s true. However, once your bull calf matures then he will be known as a Bull.

What is a baby girl cow called

The same rule of thumb applies here that there’s no specific term for female calf either but you can call her cow-calf until she matures and becomes a cow only. However, if there is a cow who has not given birth to any calf then you can call her a Heifer. You can watch calves playing in this video.

What is a baby highland cow called

The babies of a highland cow are also called calves. A highland cattle basically belongs to Scotland. These cows have a long coat and longhorns. It is transported in other areas of the world for beef purposes. Due to its long coat, it is also called Scottish long-haired cattle. They are heavy as on average a male weighs 800 kgs and a female weighs 500 kgs respectively.

Baby cow called lamb

No, a baby cow can’t be called a lamb but a calf only. A baby sheep is the offspring of lambs and it is commonly called Yearling especially when one to two years old. On the other hand, a male baby sheep is called “ram lamb” and a female baby sheep is “ewe lamb”. This is applicable only if they are under 6 months of age.

Baby cow food called

Well, once a calf is born, it is given milk by its mother throughout until it is 2 to 3 months old. If the mother is not there then a milk replacer is used to feed calves. Once a calf reaches 2 to 3 months of age, they are weaned off the milk and shifted to another diet that consists of hay, water and grains.

Want me to amaze you? calves are as choosy as human babies when it comes to food so their food items need to be covered with molasses to make them look appetizing for the innocent calves.

What animal is called a cow

You heard it right! It’s not only about the females of buffaloes but there are other female animals as well that can be referred to as a cow. These animals don’t only belong to the deer family but also other families. Elephant, sea lions, whales, moose and many other females specifically large mammal females are called cows.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is a Baby Cow Meat Name?

Baby cow meat is called Veal which is expensive compared to the beef.

What Is a Baby Cow Leather Name?

Baby cow leather is taken from the hide of a calf and it is called a Calfskin.

What Is The Sound of a Calf?

Generally, their sound is known as Moo but they make different sounds including snorts, grunts and bellows.

Do Calves Sleep a Lot?

Usually, calves nap many times in a day but that nap is typical of short duration like for ten minutes only.

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Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you know what is a baby cow called? A baby cow is called a calf. A healthy calf can weigh somewhere between 60 to 100 pounds at the time of birth. Calves can walk and stand on their own within almost an hour of their birth. It is not easy to decide if a calf is male or female. 

But you can check one thing that whether a thing like a penis is there between the stomach and back legs. Now it is upto you to decide if it is a bull calf or a cow-calf.