A jeweler is a human being or a agency that renders or sells jewelry or jewels. A jewel is a precious rock used to do jewelry. A human being who loves gold is specifically referred to as a crysophilist. There is constantly a native to define something in the jewelry world, yet is over there a word because that jewelry lover in general?

One word that isn’t limited to yellow alone but all jewelry including pearls, platinum, silver, diamond, and also rubies? Let’s just say one that explains a human being that loves jewelry to an extent that the ‘love’ has actually turned right into an addiction.

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In this write-up, we will look at the general words offered to a human being who loves jewelry and one that sells jewelry.

We will certainly look at the names given to a human who cuts stone and one who carves in stone. Us will also give details of an additional name for a jewelry store prior to we conclude.


You will learn in this Post

A human who loves jewelry is called “What”?

How around we begin by deducing a couple of words to match the concept? would we possibly speak to a person who loves jewelry a jewel freak? ns mean, a freak is identified as a human who is obsessed with something. Does the fit? Or maybe, us can speak to them a jewel fiend. A fiend is one addict or a person who is extremely specialized to a quest or study. I’m not sure that works.

How about the impolite word, jewel-junkie? Does it sound right? us don’t require to define the indigenous jewel but the word junkie is explained as a human with one insatiable craving because that something. Wait, a junkie is also defined together a human who has an unexplained amount of attention in something. I think this functions pretty well in this context, but before we conclude, let’s check out an additional word.

How around a bling-ho? Ha-ha! originally denoted as bling-bling, the term bling explains shiny jewelry the represents an extravagent display of wealth. The suffix –holic, ~ above the other hand, is a back-formation. It is reinterpreted together a basic suffix indicative that addiction. You won’t uncover these in the dictionary. The is just yet a suggestion. Let’s simply say coined terms and not necessarily actual words.

Another word that we can settle for is words gemophile. Which, in this case, is the most suitable love because that a person who loves gems.


A person who provides gold jewelry?

Two indigenous can explain a human who renders gold jewelry, a goldsmith, or a jeweler.

A goldsmith is a metalworker who specializes in working with the precious gold metal and other precious metals used to make jewelry.

On the other hand, a jeweler is a human who makes, sells, and also repairs jewelry and also watches do from different metals including gold.

However, when we to compare the two, the word ‘goldsmith’ is a better word to explain a person who makes gold jewelry.

Another word because that jewelry store?

A jewelry store is a retail organization establishment the specializes in selling and buying jewelry and watches. The provides many services such together remodeling, repair, manufacturing, and designing pieces. Another word because that a jewelry save is either a jeweler or a jewel shop.


A human who sells jewelry is called?

Generally, if you space a human selling anything, even if it is it’s food, electronics, software, or whatever, friend are stated to be a vendor. This, however, substantially differs when it concerns the jewel world. The said, a human being who sells jewel is dubbed a jeweler. Yes, that’s right. That is similar to a keep where jewelry is sold and also repaired. A jeweler!

A human being who cuts rock is called?

A human being who cuts stone is dubbed a stonecutter. Various other terms additionally fall under this category however differ in context.

If you space talking around gems. A person who cuts and polishes gems is referred to as a Lapidary/Lapidarist or a gem cutter. Whereas, the process of cutting jewel is well-known as gem-cutting or lapidary. This skill turns a precious rock into a wearable jewel.


A human being who curves in stone is called?

We have the right to use 3 words to describe an individual that carves in stone. The very first is a mason. The second and 3rd is a sculptor or a stone carver.

They may choose to work marble or sandstone, limestone, or granite. Part may pick to work-related with dolomitic limestone or basalt. They use chisels and also pneumatic devices to curve lines and also different shapes.


The aforementioned are terms that you might continuously run right into when shopping because that jewelry. The whole idea is the you familiarize yourself through these terms.

You can always browse through various jewelry glossaries to get a far better understanding of other terminologies supplied in the industry.

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The much more you know, the easier it is for you to shop or have your favourite items custom-made or fixed.