¡Feliz Cumpleaños! is one of the most renowned phrases because that wishing happy birthday in Spanish. Birthdays normally include a cake (un pastel), great music (buena música) and perhaps as a surprised a girlfriend who deserve to speak a foreign languageand desires to wish you a happy date of birth in Spanish. Anything could happen, so why not learning a couple of phrases and also questions because that a one-of-a-kind occasion choose this. This lesson will certainly teach you how to say happy birthday in Spanish and also respond the right way when friend hear ¡Feliz cumpleaños! you will have the possibility to test yourlistening capacity with a main conversation and a straightforward quiz too.

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Questions and also Phrases for WishingHappy date of birth in Spanish

Common verbs and Spanish time expressions

First of all, come say date of birth in Spanish, we will use words CUMPLEAÑOS, i beg your pardon in a certain means is a link noun made out of “CUMPLIR” (accomplish) plus “AÑOS” (years). Some verbs that will certainly comehandy for wishing happy date of birth in Spanish are: CELEBRAR (to celebrate), DESEAR (to wish), RECORDAR (to remember), SER (to be) and also OLVIDAR (to forget). That is great to know just how to talk about dates together well, particularly to speak what month you room in and the particular day, in instance you desire to create a map or something an ext elaborate. Save in psychic the Spanish time expressions “Este mes” (this month), “El mes pasado” (last month), “El próximo mes“, “Hoy” (today), “Mañana” (tomorrow) and “Ayer“.

Sometimes people will use different tenses come talk around birthdays in Spanish, for example: “Hoy es mi cumpleaños“(present tense), “Ayer fue tu cumpleaños” (past tense) and “El próximo mes ella cumplirá 5 años” (future tense). Hear to the first mini-conversation below and see exactly how these paragraph were offered in a really interesting situation.

Claudia: ¿Sabes qué fecha es hoy?Itzan: No… ¿Qué fecha es?Claudia: Hoy es mi cumpleaños… ¿Lo olvidaste?Itzan: ¡Claro que no! Tengo un regalo para ti por aquí… ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
Claudia: carry out you know what date is today? Itzan: No… what date is it? Claudia: today is mine birthday… ¿Did friend forget it? Itzan: Of course not! I have actually a gift because that you best here… Happy birthday!

Asking “When is her birthday?” in Spanish

To ask civilization “when is your birthday?”in Spanish,we deserve to use two questions “¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?”and also“¿Cuándo cumples años?”. The phrase “my birthday is” coincides to “Mi cumpleaños es + fecha”. To return the question and ask for someone’s birthday in Spanish, you can use “¿Cuándo es el tuyo?” (When is yours?). Check how one of these questions and expressions was offered in the short conversation below.

Itzan: ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?Claudia: Mi cumpleaños es el 15 de Noviembre. ¿Cuándo es el tuyo?Itzan: El mío es el 25 de octubre.Claudia: ¡Genial! Tenemos que hacer una fiesta para celebrarlo.
Itzan: once is your birthday? Claudia: My birthday is on November 15th, once is yours? Itzan: Mine is top top October 25th Claudia: ¡Cool! We need to make a party to celebrate it

Wishing happy birthday in Spanish

The easiest way for wishing happy birthday in Spanish is through usingthe expression ¡Feliz cumpleaños! The translate into of the phrase is literal. However, this is no the only thing you have to say, for this reason apart from saying ¡Feliz cumpleaños!, make certain to include one or two simple phrasesto to speak what your wishes are, because that example: “Te deseo lo mejor” (I great you the best), “Que Dios car bendiga” (God bless you), “Que cumplas muchos más” (May you have plenty of more), “Espero que disfrutes de tu día especial”(I hope you reap your unique day) and so on.

Two otherimportant indigenous you will certainly need, particularly when plan a date of birth party, are REGALO (gift) and PIÑATA, the critical being a classic toy in next in some Latin American countries. There is a lot an ext vocabulary and phrases you can learn, however now the is time because that you to uncover a few of themby reading and also listening to two more conversations ofpeople talking about birthdays in Spanish.

Claudia: ¡Feliz cumpleaños Itzan! dare deseo lo mejor en tu día especial.Itzan: Gracias Claudia… Me pregunto si tienes algún regalo para mí.Claudia: Lo siento, no pude comprarte nada pero podemos salir a cenar despuésItzan: Está bien. Acepto eso como mi regalo de cumpleaños, solo que tú pagas.Claudia: Claro que sí Señor cumpleañero
Claudia: Happy birthday Itzan! i wish girlfriend the ideal in your special day. Itzan: thanks Claudia… i wonder if friend have any type of gift for me. Claudia: I´m sorry, i couldn´t buy anything for you, yet we can go the end to dinner later. Itzan: That´s ok. I will certainly accept it together my date of birth gift but please pay the bill. Claudia: Of food Mr. Birthday
Itzan: ¡Feliz cumpleaños a ti, feliz cumpleaños querida Claudia, feliz cumpleaños a ti!Claudia: Gracias Itzan… Eso es muy lindo.Itzan: Espera, espera todavía falta. ¡Ya queremos pastel, aunque sea un pedacito pero queremos pastel!Claudia:Ah por esa canción dare mereces un buen pedazo de pastelItzan: Que Dios car bendiga y cumplas años muchos más!
Itzan: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Claudia, happy date of birth to you. Claudia: thanks Itzan…. That´s very cute. Itzan: Wait, over there is much more to come. We desire cake, also a bit but we want cake! Claudia: You deserve a good piece that cake. Itzan: might God bless you and also give friend many more years.
Listen to a conversation in between two friend talking about birthdays in Spanish – “hablando del cumpleaños de alguien”. Take notes of the details you consider important and listen closely to determine the phrases gift in the sampleconversations above.Press beat to listen to the conversation.

Newphrasesin the Conversation

1. Siento que olvidé algo method “I think that ns forgot something”2. No pude escucharte way “I couldn´t hear you”3. No es nada means “It´s nothing!”

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