I"m looking forward to Zero Dark Thirty, and also curious to understand where the title come from. Go anyone know?


Director Kathryn Bigelow explains the definition of the title:

It’s a military term because that 30 minutes after midnight, and it refers also to the darkness and secrecy the cloaked the entire decade long mission.

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And this review reveals:

...the raid that has Navy SEALs to mark Bin Laden"s Pakistan compound at fifty percent past midnight (the coded "Zero Dark Thirty").

According to the handbook Air pressure 101 - military Time the time between 00:01h and also 05:59h have the right to be refered to together "oh-dark-thirty".

And follow to this armed forces website "oh-dark-thirty" is indistinguishable to "zero-dark-thirty" and "zero-dark-hundred / oh-dark-hundred".


It"s humourous army slang for the tiny hours of the night, when you"d rather be asleep than on duty.

In addition to zero dark thirty, another term is zero dark hundred, or an ext commonly oh dark hundred, which, according to a default paratrooper (Army, Airborne) and former soldier (MI, Armor, Engineer):

In army (US) slang that duration is described as "oh-dark hundred" or sometimes "zero-dark hundred". ~ above the 24-hour clock the hours prior to 10 am start with a 0; so 1:00 am is 0100 and said together oh-one-hundred and also so forth. Therefore oh-dark hundreds is anytime after midnight while that is still dark:

"The woke united state up at oh-dark-hundred and also ran us thru the problem course." definition they woke us up in the wee hrs of the morning prior to daylight.

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Close however not specifically Simon.

Being in the army I have rarely heard "Zero Dark Thirty" the is practically always pronounced as "Oh Dark Thirty," "Oh Dark Hundred" or largely "Oh Dark Stupid". The refers to simply the 0 prior to the time in 24 hour time. Example:0100, 0230, 0450 would certainly all be pronounced in the over fashion and also NOT by "One Dark Hundred" or "Two Dark Thirty". The is merely military slang or humour regarding getting woken increase in the dark hours of the morning.

So the does not specifically mean 0030.


Turns out it"s answered in the trivia section of the IMDb entry:

"0 dark 30" is a term generally used by the army to describe a non-specific time as soon as it is dark outside, either very late or really early. However, the prevailing pronunciation is "oh dark thirty".

I've been in both mech and light infantry (11B and also 11H) and a 13D and also never walk we use that hatchet (CONSUS or downrange). We never ever used "oh" in place of "zero" as in "zero-one-thirty hrs" for 0130 hrs. Once you conduct any kind of sort that briefing or once issuing one OPORDER or a WARNO, never have actually I provided the ax nor viewed or heard the ax used. Once you have to be somewhere as per issued orders at a specific time and place, you room told where and also specifically as soon as in precise terms, grid and SP times. If us were up at an ungodly hour in the morning we typically refer come it as "f***ing early on in the mor
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