13 tattoo is considered to be associated with misfortune, suffering, and death. Some civilization get a 13 tattoo together a symbol of luck and an antidote because that the upcoming bad luck. It means that, when conventional negative luck is heading in the direction of you, it will certainly pass friend by after watching the you currently have enough misfortune.

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1. What walk a 13 tattoo mean?

Tattooing has constantly been a tendency – no issue in i beg your pardon era. You will certainly be mesmerized ~ watching the tattoos of top 30 celebrities that space so beautiful to dice for.

Superstitiously, number 13 tattoo is thought about to be connected with misfortune, tests, sufferings, and also even death. This is additionally considered so in the western world, due to the fact that of some religious aspects. Because that instance:

There to be 13 people at the table the last meal after that Jesus Christ was condemned.

According to some scholars, Jesus Christ was executed on the 13th month follow to the Jewish calendar.

In Norse Mythology, Loki – a mischievous god – climbed the number to 13, when 12 gods were waiting for Loki at the table for having actually a meal and also one of those god died.

This is the reason civilization often think the if there room 13 human being at the table, among them will die during the year.

Frigga triskaidekaphobia

Most people have a are afraid for Friday being the 13th day of the month and just prefer all other phobias, this are afraid of Friday through 13 is referred to as Frigga triskaidekaphobia.

13 tattoo – antidote to misfortune

While some human being get a 13 tattoo as a price of luck and also an antidote for the upcoming negative luck. That actually way that, when conventional bad luck is heading in the direction of you, it will pass friend by ~ watching the you already have enough misfortune.

13 tattoo – a sign of an excellent luck

Yet there is another school of assumed in which human being take the number 13 together a authorize of great luck, life, health, and also even fertility. That means, in that institution of thought, the number 13 tattoo is the prize of positivity.

Mostly, the tattoo artists stand for the number 13 tattoo as the sign of life and positive facets rather 보다 misfortune.

Different myths are connected with the number 13 tattoo, mostly considering it together a prize of misfortune.

1.1. Origin of 13 tattoo

As, both religiously and also superstitiously, number 13 is regarded as a prize of poor luck, danger, death, or warning, many of the criminal gangs usage it together a symbol.

just like Om tattoo, number 13 tattoo is also very popular either in confident or an unfavorable means. 13 tattoo or multiple sclerosis 13 is the symbol of Mara Salvatrucha.

La Mara Salvatrucha – well-known as ms 13 – is a criminal gang the was originated in California during the 1970s and 1980s.

Basically, multiple sclerosis 13 - utilizing 13 tattoo together symbol - was collection up for the protection of Salvadoran immigrants from the other such gangs. Ernesto Miranda was the founder of multiple sclerosis 13 and also el Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the united states, etc. Was their territory.

Salvatrucha gang is connected in significant crimes ranging from drug dealing to child prostitution. No issue if you want to have a number 13 tattoo or part other, simply make sure that your tattoo is yes, really what friend want.

1.2. Number 13 in tarot cards

Although in Tarot, a card v the number 13 is provided as a prize of death however it doesn’t mean the death of a person, but the death of poor times just before the start of an excellent times.

Tarot is the load of play cards in which each card has actually its symbol, story, and image. These cards are offered to play games such as fortune-telling in Europe.

So, number 13 in this tarot cards is taken into consideration to be the variety of death or misfortune.

1.3. 13 tattoo - extraterrestrial representor

Some human being use the number 13 tattoo to represent themselves together aliens in this classic world.

It method that they have a number 13 tattoo to present themselves as irregularity to ours world and also pretend to it is in from some other world.

Key points


Number 13 tattoo is price of bad luck, test, suffering and death in western world.

Some world get 13 tattoos to keep the misfortune far from themselves.

Friday at 13th and 13 guests in ~ the dinner table is a poor luck alert for western people.

2. Seafarer Jerry and also 13 tattoo

sailor jerry to be a body artist and also is renowned for his contributions in the people of “tattooing”. Originally, he supplied to hand repaint the tattoos then he met a man – called Tats thomas in Chicago who taught him the use of a tattoo machine.

at a young age, that separated self from the world and chosen to be a sailor. Climate he made his name in the tattooing civilization as he provided tattooing one more life by making use of his tattoo pigments.


He to be the first tattoo artist to present the single-use needle because that tattoos. For getting a tattoo, such as stretch note tattoo in which octopus goes deep in the dermal layers, tattoo artists should use one tattooing needle because that one time.

As much as concerned to the number 13 tattoo, sailor jerry thought about the number 13 tattoo as an unlucky number the brings problem or death with itself.

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3. 13 tattoo on challenge meaning

Tattoos are made on the whole body depending upon the an option of a person. Eyebrow slits with a 13 tattoo ~ above your challenge can provide you a entirety gangster look.

however most that the civilization get the tattoos on the most visible areas such together the face, neck, or arms. Where the tattoo is, it mirrors the same function for i beg your pardon the tattoo has actually been made. Number 13 tattoo ~ above the confront may have several meanings, such as:

To represent yourself as an extraterrestrial in this human being – different from all

Like a good luck authorize – according to the vision of a team of civilization that consider it a authorize of great fortune.

To store the misfortune far – together it transforms the course by seeing better misfortune in kind of 13 tattoo

To acquire a look in ~ gangsters, rascals, or jail inmates

Sometimes, having a tattoo top top the face method that the person has actually committed murders.

4. 13 tattoo - roman numerals

Number 13 tattoo in roman numerals (XIII) has the same meanings as the mathematical 13 means. In Europe, number 13 has actually been thought about unlucky and also associated with hard times, danger, and sometimes even death.

Europeans take into consideration Friday the 13th as the ominous day the the year and there space tattoo sales because that Friday 13th tattoos. If they have 13 guests at the dinner table, they also consider it as misfortune.

Because of all these superstitions, the number 13 tattoo is taken as a price of negative luck or fatality – no issue if that is in roman inn numerals. This reasoning is so deeply developed in the psychic of civilization that they have actually a real are afraid for the number 13 or 13 tattoos.

5. 13 tattoo bikers meaning

Number 13 tattoo made as a spot on the bike method that the person who own or drives the bike is connected with marijuana. He one of two people smokes it, deals in it, or has some close contact with methamphetamine.

Marijuana – in indigenous language Bhang, Hashish – is a narcotic medicine that is used by human being for addictive purposes.

Methamphetamine is a central nervous mechanism stimulant and also commonly known as “ice or blue” is also used because that its addiction potential.

Having a job of 13 tattoos ~ above the bicycle can likewise mean that the biker belongs come the corridor of a motorcycle club.However, that doesn’t constantly mean this, together some civilization may have a lucky number 13 and also so they have printed the number 13 tattoo on their bikes.

In the tattooing world, numbers represent a many things and virtually every number is attributed come some specific code or meaning.

SummaryAs number 13 is taken as a red alarm, some world imprint 13 tattoos on your bikes. It means that the biker is one addict, medicine dealer, or criminal. Part bikers acquire to number 13 tattoos on bikes as it’s their lucky number.

Frequently request questions

Number 13 tattoo is taken into consideration as a price of misfortune, danger, suffering, or death. Some concerns related to tattooing and also numbers have actually been reply below:

1) What is the definition of lucky 13?

Apart from 13 tattoo, number 13 is considered to be a price of hardships, suffering, or even death. But according to Tarot cards, number 13 represents the fatality of a difficult period, death of enduring just before the start of great times.

It also method that it symbolizes the death of oneself and also reaching the next level in spirituality. That’s what most civilization represent by acquiring a 13 tattoo.

2) What carry out 3 dots in a triangle tattoo mean?

Just together 13 tattoo, over there are lot of other tattoos popular amongst people. 3 dots in a triangle tattoo stand for “mi Vida Loca” the is a Spanish phrase definition “my crazy life”. This sort of tattoo is usually connected with the gangsters or lengthy imprisonment.

But the doesn’t always mean the wherever 3 dots space it means the very same way. That only method mi Vida loca if the three dots are current in a triangular form.

3) Is 13 a great number in India?

Opposite the school of think in the western world, Asians generally take number 13 differently. Number 13, no matter about number 13 tattoo or in general, is considered a happy number in India because of a lot of important festivals following on this date.

For example, Baisakhi top top 13 April and also Lohri in Punjab ~ above 13 January. But in the organization world, the 13 number is taken together an unlucky number, which may be affected by western culture.


Superstitiously, number 13 tattoo is thought about to be associated with danger, test, suffering, and also death follow to the western culture. Religiously that is thought that there to be 13 guests at the meal table after that Jesus Christ was condemned.

Some people use 13 tattoos as an anti-dote to the misfortune – as they feeling that bad luck alters its method when the sees that you have actually enough poor luck already.

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In one more school that thought, civilization take 13 tattoos together a price of luck and good fortune. Greatly number 13 tattoo is connected with gangster groups, criminals, prison inmates, and also the world who represent themselves together aliens.

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