The crown has actually been a price of royalty, power, and leadership because that centuries. It makes sense then that crown tattoos room a great way to portray confidence, strength, or an individual victory.

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If you’re keen to get a crown tattoo, fine go v their definitions so girlfriend can pick a format that expresses specifically how you feel. We will additionally look at appropriate colors and also where girlfriend should place them because that the ideal effect.

The definition of Crowns

Crowns space usually just worn through royalty. Castle are traditional symbols of authority, power, and honor. It also comes with responsibility, though.

They’re also linked to faith (Christianity), spiritual ideas (the Crown chakra), and the zodiac (associated with Leo).

Let’s delve a bit right into each one and also see just how these representations can be appropriate to friend in today’s world.


Authority, Power

Kings and also queens undertake crowns to collection them except the average people. This suggests their authority.

In today’s world, and in the tattoo world, having actually a crown inked on her skin doesn’t mean you have actually authority over others. Rather, that symbolizes the manage you have actually over your very own life, and a reminder to be the finest person you can be.

Choose something personal to mix with a crown to do this coherent for you and also your life. It might be her name, birthday, or miscellaneous else details to you.


Honor is something all royals strive for. That usually linked with heroic deeds, putting others first, and also daring courage.

A crown and also a quote is a great way to remind united state to live honorably. Pick a short, coherent phrase and also place that on a ribbon curling roughly the crown for an amazing effect.


The crown comes through plenty of an excellent things, but it‘s no always straightforward job put on one.

This side of the emblem represents strength, kindness, and caring that needs to be prolonged to all people, especially when one is in a higher position.

An idea to present this in a tattoo style is to have a tattered or dirty headpiece, or perhaps fifty percent of that shiny and beautiful and half dirty and broken.


Christianity, in particular, has actually a solid connection come the crown symbol.

Jesus to be made to wear a crown of thorns during his crucifixion, for this reason it has actually special relevance to those who check out him as their king.

Often, a tattoo of a thorny crown is paired with a cross, in maintaining with the context of the story.

A detailed cross topped v a crown can display both this sides to Jesus and be meaningful for Christians.


For those interested in spirituality matters and energy work, the crown chakra is the seventh of the main chakras in ours bodies.

There’s a strong link between this energy center and the universe or Cosmos. That is the door to magnificent oneness and also connects united state to whatever source we believe in.

A crown chakra tattoo, which is purple, is a an excellent reminder that at the core, we room all one. Each chakra additionally has a particular mandala associated with it, which could make one amazing, richly-detailed tat.


The zodiac authorize Leo (the lion, king that the jungle) is additionally associated v the crown.

These characteristics resonate perfectly v the things the crown represents. Leos may favor a tattoo that reminds castle to use these qualities in a hopeful way.

Popular Crown Tattoo Designs

You can pick from one of these usual crown designs:

Standalone Crowns

Getting a crown tattoo by itself have the right to make fairly a statement. You not just reminding yourself of your inner power every time girlfriend look at it, but you’re additionally showing others that you’re confident and proud of that you are.

The options here selection from comprehensive vintage crowns come simple, contemporary styles v minimalist spicy lines and also corners.

Couples Crown Tattoos

The crown pair tattoo is perfect for a strength couple. Inking king or queen signs onto yourselves is a striking way to share and also declare your love, and also show the people the place your far-ranging other occupies in your life.

They can be customized to suit the couple, from including extra elements, to choosing details colors or including words.

Common Crown Tattoo Colors

Generally, there will be part gold or silver on the crown, and a splash the bright color in the kind of towel or stones. Otherwise, bold black lines and a modern-day stylized look can really stand out from the crowd.

Crown shade Guide

Your tattoo shade can vary based on what her tat means to you.


The shade purple has always been linked with royalty.

If you’re acquiring a tattoo come represent any of the interpretations above, purple can be a pretty touch to add an extra element.


Red is recognized as the color of power, passion, and authority.

It brings a type of stamin to the artwork and could it is in a an excellent representation the being powerful or in control. To present strength, stability, and rock-solid willpower, red is a superb choice.

Consider a gold crown adorned through red stones because that a powerful statement.


The lack of bright colour can likewise say a lot.

Choosing to gain a tattoo in a single, dark shade leaves more room because that expressing amazing information in the work. It also usually leaves a simple, striking result that reminds united state that less is periodically more.

Common human body Placement for Crown Tattoos

You’re welcome to acquire a crown tattooed roughly your head if you’re into it, yet we introduce something a small less literal!

The location of her tattoo will certainly be determined by your an individual preference, as well as the dimension of the artwork.

Here are some typical placements for crown tattoos:

The Back

If you’re trying to find a explain piece, the ago is the best spot because that large, detailed, eye-catching tats.

A crown across the shoulders won’t go unnoticed. The wide room will enable for wealthy detail and color to be checked out easily.

If you want your crown to be part of a bigger picture, then the back is the perfect canvas, as you have the right to start through a crown and expand indigenous there.

The Chest

The chest is always a good option because that those who have actually a deep, heartfelt definition behind your tattoo.

A crown fits unique in the facility of the chest, or to one of two people side. You can also go because that the ribs if you’d like, yet it’s a slightly more awkward place for a prize as an effective as the crown.

The arm or Hand

The shoulder is another popular place for a crown to be tattooed. It’s almost a perch, so it functions well come showcase it and make the seem favor it’s in a position of power.

Forearms are usual for king and queen pair tattoos. They’re straightforward to see, and can selection from tiny to medium.

Hands are good for small tattoos. Couple crowns ~ above the wedding ring finger space a beloved idea.

The Legs

The thigh is another huge area that deserve to fit a decent-sized tat. If you’re likely to be reflecting off her thighs so civilization can watch your tattoo, climate it’s a an excellent option for a bigger piece.

Crowns top top calves additionally work fairly well. Their shape method they fit nicely on a calf muscle and they’re less complicated to view then a thigh tattoo.

Smaller Tattoos

If you no keen on any type of of the previously mentioned spots and also you’re feather to obtain a tiny tattoo, your alternatives are quite vast open.

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Behind the ear, the ankle, the tiny of the back, and also the earlier of the neck are all popular.