Learning cursive is learning an entirely brand-new writing system. While that has countless similarities to the letters in print writing, cursive is also quite different—and the cursive s is one of the letter that commonly throw human being off.

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In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to write an uppercase cursive s and lowercase s in cursive. We’ll also get a little inventive and also show you exactly how to create a fancy s!

What walk a Cursive S look at Like?

If you desire to find out cursive, it’s a good idea to study specifically what cursive letters look like. Cursive s looks much like its print counterpart in part ways, and really different in others.

A capital s in cursive looks rather a little bit like the print s; also if you don’t know cursive, you have the right to probably acknowledge the letter. Among the biggest differences is the tell-tale hook off to the left, i beg your pardon is provided to attach the capital s come the following letter in a word.

The lowercase cursive s is much less recognizable if you’re not familiar with cursive. It almost looks like a little sail, v a line prolonging up and also to the best to affix to the next letter. Since cursive is intended to it is in written much faster than print, understanding how the letters attach can aid you it is in a much faster writer!

How to do an Uppercase S In Cursive

Uppercase cursive s is a little easier come parse, therefore let’s start by learning exactly how to compose one.

Use inside wall paper. This will help you save the shape of her s intact, even when it it s okay loopy.

Start v your pencil ~ above the bottom the a pair that lines.


Draw a diagonal line , somewhat curved line reaching toward the height of the pair that lines.


Draw a tiny loop that will certainly take her pen direction back toward the bottom the the page.


Cross ago over the an initial line while illustration a soft little semi-circle—here you can see the shape of a publish s.


Continue past where you’d generally stop if friend were drawing a print s, cross over her diagonal line.


Draw a tiny hook off to the right, which you’ll usage to affix the s come the following letter.

How to do a small letter S in Cursive

Now let’s shot a lowercase s. Despite it watch a lot favor a tiny sail, you want to learn to draw it in the correct order so the you can keep your rate up.


Draw a little ski-jump shape that goes increase halfway in between your 2 lines.


Draw half of a teardrop form going ago down come the bottom line, connecting it to her ski-jump walk up.


Without picking up her pen, draw a line expanding to the next to affix to the following letter.

Cursive S Variations

One that the fun things about cursive is including a little an individual flair. Cursive can be quite beautiful top top its own, and including a small hint of calligraphy deserve to take it to the next level. Take it a look at at few of these calligraphy-inspired cursive s variations!


3 an essential Tips for Making a fancy S in Cursive

Still struggling to create a great capital s in cursive or lowercase s in cursive? These tips will help you master this letter!

Don’t pick Up her Pen

Cursive is meant to be composed quickly and in a much more streamlined fashion than print, so don’t choose up her pen native the document as you’re writing. Though some letters may require girlfriend to choose up her pen to period or overcome them, that’s not true of s, so save that pen top top the paper!

Remember the Cursive Is Connected

Cursive letter are almost always linked together to make writing quicker. Both lowercase and capital s in cursive have lines linked them to the following letter. Don’t forget those lines, or her s won’t look quite right.

Make letters Your Own

Though it could seem choose cursive has to be an extremely accurate to be legible, girlfriend actually have some leeway to make her s your own. If you choose your small letter s come look more like a publish s, that’s okay! Or probably you like a little embellishment to make the resources cursive s look also fancier. It’s as much as you—as lengthy as the basic form is there, people will be able to read your writing.

What’s Next?

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