A Stitch gradually Saves Nine! The phrase “a stitch over time saves nine” is a usual proverb you can hear throughout an day-to-day conversation or possibly see in writing. Here you will uncover the an interpretation of this phrase and also examples the statements for this reason you can see just how the phrase is provided properly in conversation, adhered to by part other methods you can say the phrase and convey the exact same thought.

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proverb is a simple, concrete, traditional saying that expresses a perceived truth based upon common sense or experience. Some proverbs exist in much more than one language due to the fact that people loaned them native languages and also cultures comparable to theirs.

A Stitch over time Saves nine Meaning

“A stitch with time saves nine” is an old English proverb which method that you have to fix other as quickly as it is damaged, do not wait to deal with a certain problem. If not, things will get worse and the problems will take longer to deal with.

In various other words, this proverb way that a timely initiative that will prevent an ext work later. The certainly means prevention is far better than cure. Furthermore, this vital phrase tells us procrastination is a bad habit. Hence, if a difficulty exists, climate one must fix the immediately. If not solved in time, climate even more problems can arise.


A Stitch with time Saves ripe is a wise saying. This phrase refers come a feet in a cloth. This hole would absolutely get bigger if not resolved in time.

Example Sentences

Why not repair the auto now, as soon as it’s just losing a tiny coolant? It’ll it is in much an ext expensive if we have to replace the radiator. A stitch gradually saves nine.

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The stylish investigation could be impede the major break down in computers. Someone truly claimed that a stitch over time saves nine.Prime Minister synthetic up the speech in the saying “a stitch over time saves nine“.It appears that miscellaneous wrong with my car, it’s better to gain its check-up as a stitch gradually saves nine.Remember a stitch over time saves nine. So what are you act now?Men to speak that a stitch over time saves nine, and so they take it a thousands stitches this day to conserve nine tomorrow.Deal with the trouble now. Remember, a stitch gradually saves nine.Let’s fix the dam before water look in. A stitch over time saves nine.” have to you mend the mow? ” ” I favor to, a stitch over time saves nine. “If you have an idea for your final research paper, start writing today. Don’t wait till the finish of the semester. A stitch in time saves nine.

Synonym/ related Words

Do timeTime and also againBig timeFor the moment beingTo the finish of timeSome other timePass the time of dayTime is on my sideThird time’s the charmCrunch timeTime does sailTime fliesNot offer the time that dayCall timePlay for timeTime the end of mindSmall-timeNo time to loseTime of her lifeSince time immemorialNo time choose the presentLong time no seeNick that timeFullness that timeQuestion of timeThe sands that timeJust in the nick of timeAhead the timePressed because that timeLong time no hearTime-honoured practiceStand the check of timeTime and tide wait because that no manWaste no timeAt/in one fell swoopNo sooner said than doneOff the batOff the cuff

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