During our tourism of the Na Pali coast we take it time for our guest to gain into the water and snorkel around one that the beautiful Kauai reefs. Among many various other animals, one that you will often see is the Honu, or in English, the Hawaiian eco-friendly Sea Turtle. These sea creatures favor to hang out approximately the reefs close to the shore, popping your head above water native time to time to come up because that air and to speak hello.

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Honu room a an extremely significant animal come Hawaiian culture. Long ago, the legend states that they to be the original guides mirroring the ancient Polynesians the method to acquire to the Hawaiian islands. Castle swim good distances together they migrate through the tropical waters.


On the huge Island, over there is one old legend that Kauila, a mythical Honu that was born in a feather in the blacksand close to Punalu’u. Legend says that she would save an eye ~ above the neighborhood keiki, and also even transform herself into a little girl indigenous time to time to play amongst them.


The Honu is a price of both wisdom and good luck. Together the only native reptile to Hawaii, castle are thought about to be an Aumakua, or guardian spirit. These creatures are over 150 million years old, and also so that is fair to respect their endure and ability to endure while so many other animals have come and also gone, and humanity is just a flash gradually in comparison.


Their herbal camouflage helps them stay out the harm’s way.

When you view a green sea tortoise in the water, that is acceptable to swim together them, yet it is necessary to no touch castle or do them feel threatened. Placing a tortoise under anxiety is an extremely harmful – generally they can hold their breath for hours, however when under a stressful case that time comes under to a few minutes. Countless honu are well-known to have drowned under these circumstances. So as long as you watch from a distance, you will be fine.

Sadly, this beautiful animals are endangered. Significant development in Hawaii over the past couple of decades has minimal their habitat. Castle are likewise the target of poachers that care little about their definition to the culture. This means that it is even much more important come respect these animals from a for sure distance, and also to malama (care for) the aina (land) and kai (ocean) the they speak to home.

But if you show respect come the Honu, girlfriend will discover a deep appreciation because that these old and an effective animals that hold so much importance come the Hawaiian people. But don’t take it our word for it, come see for yourself on among our tours as we check out the Na Pali Coast and give friend the possibility to swim amongst them with a little bit of luck.

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Please save in mind the these room wild animals, so we cannot insurance a sighting.