Anchors are handy objects, provided to save vessels in place. However they’re likewise a beautiful symbol, frequently used on jewelry, clothing and for decorate objects. The reason for utilizing the anchor symbol deserve to be personal to each human being as the anchor has many symbolic meanings. The symbolism behind the anchor is rooted in its traditional design and also purpose of holding a boat steady in a storm. In this article, let’s take it a closer look in ~ the symbolic meaning of the anchor.

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History and also Origin the Anchor Symbols


The indigenous anchor originates indigenous the Greek word Ankura of the same meaning, and also in English, it’s offered both together a noun and also a verb.

Anchor (noun) – this describes the object the is supplied to secure another object or a base of stability and security.Anchor (verb) – this describes the act of securely grabbing organize of a base.

Anchors are associated with your nautical use of holding boats in place by pulling under a chain and gripping right into the seabed while the enclosed chain controls the boat.

The many recognizable parts of the anchor are the flukes; these space the hook-shaped arms that come the end from the base and also give the anchor the shape as that is known. The flukes room what physically take the seabed to organize the anchor in place. Together such, the a useful object v a single purpose – to store a vessel safe and stable in place.

The first anchors the resemble the usual depiction appeared around the 1st century in Rome.

Symbolism the the Anchor

The earliest well-known symbolic definitions of the anchor room safety and hope, however, here are likewise early coins through the anchor portrayed to respect Neptune the Greek/Roman god that the sea.

Each component of the anchor has symbolic meaning:

The cross in ~ the anchor represents the unit of spirit and also matter, and also masculinity.The crescent moon shape created by the flukes to represent femininity and the womb.The two flukes stand for the love in between two world who serve to keep each other level-headed.

Anchors’ symbolic interpretations stem from how they space used and what they represent to a ship’s crew, and also with so numerous meanings the anchor is just one of the an ext universal and adaptable symbols.

The anchor to represent the sea and also an anchor noting a tomb is a authorize that the deceased operated in a marine profession.Anchors represent new adventures as they represent that you have strong, stable relationships from which friend can set sail from.A broken anchor to represent letting go of the past.With its resemblance to the cross, the anchor is a religious symbol representing salvation, steadfast belief, and also hope and faith in Christ.The anchor additionally symbolizes safety, security, confidence, hope, stability, great luck and consistent strength. Anchor also represents overcoming adversity and also being resilient.It’s a reminder of one’s roots, and also of staying grounded, regardless of how much you move from her origins. That a reminder to it is in proud of who you are.

Anchor Symbolism in Christianity

The anchor has religious significance with evidence of depictions from at an early stage Christianity discovered in ancient catacombs. Because of the anchor’s resemblance to the cross and its representation of hope and strength, it became a usual symbol that Christian faith throughout the roman prosecution the Christianity. Throughout this time, the anchor was often used as a mystery symbol among Christians, to determine other Christians there is no risking persecution. Uneven the cross, the anchor wasn’t as overtly recognizable together a Christian symbol, making it a safe choice.

Additionally, there are numerous Biblical referrals to the anchor, many notably the anchor is referenced in the Hebrew verse “We have this hope as an anchor because that the soul, firm and secure” (6:19). While no as frequently used in contemporary Christianity, the anchor symbolizes stable and constant hope, faith, and also love. This day Christians may present their faith and also honor the past by attract anchor jewelry and/or tattoos.

Anchors in desires – Meaning

There are assorted interpretations that the psychological definition of anchors showing up in dreams.

If friend dream the a continual anchor, it have the right to symbolize the you require stability and also greater security.If you dream that you room throwing an anchor right into the water, it can mean that something poor is weighing friend down and also holding you earlier from progressing in life.If girlfriend dream that you room not maybe to usage an anchor, that is claimed that friend are facing instability, and lack of concentration and control.If girlfriend dream the the anchor is lost, the represents that you are adrift in life and losing motivation.If you room female, that is claimed to suggest to your future child selecting to occupational as a sailor.

Use that the Anchor in Jewelry

The popularity of the anchor in jewelry has been proceeding to grow since people have the right to wear an anchor for various personal reasons. It also makes for the perfect gift for any occasion. Offering a gift that provides the anchor price represents that you and the receiver have actually a far-ranging secure relationship, that they assist ground you, and that they do you feel secure.

As a Valentines’ job gift, it states that you space each others’ anchors. Like how the anchor is strongly attached in place and also by expansion provides security to the boat, the anchor to represent a stable and also secure love between two people.As a wedding gift, it shows that the couple is anchored together and able come face any obstacle.As a graduation gift, one anchor gift symbolizes the security of the who friends and also family and also the ground connection of their roots together they obtain ready to go on brand-new adventures.As a good-bye gift for someone departing top top a lengthy trip, it is a reminder of your home and also to stay steadfast in your dreams.

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Popular anchor gifts incorporate jewelry, decorative objects or clothing.Below is a perform of the editor’s height picks featuring the anchor symbol.