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What walk BBL mean?

BBL means Be earlier Later.It could likewise mean Barrel the Oil.

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BBL MeaningFind out what BBL means and just how it is used.BBL is one initialism that represents “be back later”. That is often used in virtual conversations and also in texting to let other world know the you need to leave for some amount of time, but that you plan on returning.

Unlike BRB, which argues that you’ll return in a really short duration time (e.g. In ~ minutes), BBL is used to notify others that you’ll be earlier after a longer period of time (e.g. Hours).

Where is BBL used?

BBL is supplied most frequently on social networks and websites that enable users to chat with each other. It was used frequently on aim and comparable services. It is also occasionally used in message messages.

BBL is provided on the follow platforms and also places:

textingonline conversationDiscordFacebook MessengerTwitch

An example of the initialism BBL in a text message.An example of the initialism BBL in a text message.

How is BBL used?

BBL is offered to phone call others that you’ll be back later. For example, if you’re talking to who on Discord however you have to go come work, you could tell them the you’ll BBL.

Do civilization say BBL the end loud?

No, but it’s very common for civilization to say that they’ll “be earlier later”.

Example offers of BBL

On digital conversation:I have an appointment v the dentist, I"ll BBL.

Someone tells their friend the they"ll be earlier later ~ they view the dentist.

In a message message:Had to run home but I"ll BBL.

Someone texts their girlfriend to permit them recognize where castle went and also to allow them know they"ll return.

In a message message:Hey, will you BBL? If so, bring pizza!

Someone asks your friend if they setup on returning (to where they were).

On Discord:I need to eat dinner yet I"ll BBL.

Someone lets their friend know they"re walk to obtain dinner but they"ll return afterwards.

On Twitch:I need to go yet I"ll BBL.

A streamer tells the chat that they have to end the stream yet that they"ll be back later.

Who uses BBL?

BBL appears to it is in used mostly by human being who spend a most time talking to others online. Her grandmother, for instance, is i can not qualify to usage the term.

History of BBL

First Use

We’re no sure as soon as BBL was very first used, however it was an initial defined top top Urban thesaurus in 2003.

Data from Google Trends reflecting the popular of searches because that BBL.Data indigenous Google Trends mirroring the popular of searches for BBL.

Rise in Popularity

Unlike numerous slang terms, BBL has not seen a big increase (or decrease) in Google searches, according to Google Trends. Around December and also Jaunary every year, over there is a large increase in searches due to world searching because that the big Bash league (an Australian cricket competition).

What to be used before BBL?

Before BBL to be used, human being probably simply typed the end “be earlier later”.

Other interpretations of BBL

BBL can also mean:

Barrel of Oil

Barrel the Oil

BBL have the right to be offered as an abbreviation that means “barrel of oil”.

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Big Bash League

BBL is additionally an initialism that stands for huge Bash League, an Australian cricket competition the takes place yearly from December to February.

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