A expression that is sometimes used to explain businesspeople that are specifically successful and powerful.

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Captains that industry is a phrase offered to express to very wealthy or effective businesspeople, especially those who own big companies or numerous factories, together in The protestors were angry v the captains of industry who had profited by exploiting international labor. 

Sometimes, the singular captain of industry is used, together in Mortimer to be a captain of industry who invested lavishly on exclusive dinner parties. 

Example: The proposed carbon emissions bill had actually no opportunity of passing after ~ it to be opposed by the prominent captains the industry. 

The phrase captains of industry to be coined through English historian Thomas Carlyle in his 1843 publication Past and Present. In the book, Carlyle argues that affluent businessmen, and also not the brothers government, to be the just people qualified of pulling the lower course out the crippling poverty. Carlyle praised the affluent elite’s leadership and also so referred to them as captains, an interpretation “leaders,” of industry, an interpretation “commercial enterprise.”

Usually, captains that industry is a optimistic term to explain businesspeople together being significantly powerful, wealthy, successful, or influential. For example, captains of industry is frequently used once describing the exceptionally wealthy American businessman of the 1800s, such as J. P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. In contrast the much much more negative hatchet robber barons, which implies ruthlessness and/or corruption, is provided to describe these same people when criticizing their actions.

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Captains the industry is a phrase supplied to describe incredibly affluent or effective businesspeople. In particular, the phrase is regularly used to refer to owners or CEOs the huge, successful companies.

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Why is the president meeting through captains of sector to ask what they need in stimulate to get through this, yet not meeting with average American workers to uncover out what they need? The paternalism and elitism that obtained us into this ditch is not what will gain us the end of it.

— Marianne Williamson (
marwilliamson) march 21, 2020

Elon Musk being lionized, appropriate now. Seems he's either a robber baron or a captain the industry. #SpaceX #NASA #ISS

— little (#MindTheGap) general (
UNICEF calls on worldwide leaders and also captains of market to placed children and also young world at the center of their actions and also investments. #wef20

— Henrietta H. Fore (

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