For many civilization learning Spanish, among the most interesting topics is picking up slang expressions. If you have Mexican friends or you’re planning to visit Mexico, you’ll establish that knowledge the meaning of ‘chido’ and also how to use it, is a must.

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So, what go ‘chido’ median in Spanish? according to the royal Spanish Academy, Chido is one adjective that describes something or someone is good, nice, cool or beautiful. But Mexicans also use it to agree, to thank, to say that a human is good-looking, together a translate into of ‘how cool’ and also to display displeasure.

If you’ve ever watched a mexico show, it’s an extremely likely the you’ve heard this native used, and probably in an ext than simply one context. Together a aboriginal speaker, I have the right to tell you that this indigenous is really important and also frequently offered in not blocked conversations.

So if you want to surprise your mexican friends or you simply want to enhance your Spanish, keep analysis so you know when and also how to use this word. By the end of this post, your Spanish will be ‘más chido’ ;).

‘Chido’ in Mexico – When and also How to use It


As mentioned before, chido is a mexico adjective and even if other Spanish speaking countries might have the ability to understand you, castle don’t use this word in their conversations. Below are the expressions that other countries use. As much as ns know, this phrases are offered to define something or someone cool or nice.

Guay Spain
Chévere Peru, Colombia
Bacán Peru, Chile
Mola Spain
Chirote Costa Rica
Chivo El Salvador
Bárbaro Argentina
Grosso Argentina

Wrapping up

In this article, girlfriend learned what Chido method and just how to usage it prefer a Mexican! To additional increase your slang vocabulary, we discussed similar phrases the you can employ in conversation. It’s up to you i m sorry one you desire to use, but if you decision you desire to exercise with Chido simply remember this:

Key Points

Chido can be used to to express an object, person or instance is either nice, cool or beautiful.If you want to say the a person is quite or cool, friend would usage Chido + Ser.To express that a situation or things is pretty or cool you will usage Chido + Estar. and also if you usage this framework with a person you are saying the they space physically attractive.You can also use Chido in the an unfavorable form. The rules are the same, you simply need to add a No before the verb (ser / estar).

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Ella no es chida. She’s not cool
Don’t forget that Chido is one adjective. This means it have the right to be one of two people to singular or plural, feminine or masculine: chido, chidos, chida, chidas.

Related Questions

What does Qué chulo mean in Spanish? Qué chulo or Qué chula is one expression that way ‘What a cutie’. It deserve to be used either because that people, pets or objects.

What go Qué chafa mean in Spanish? Qué chafa is an expression the it can be either supplied to express that something has bad quality or as the translations the ‘How crappy!’

Just together ‘chido’, ‘chafa’ is one more common mexican slang word the will assist you improve your slang vocabulary and also talk an ext fluently v your friends. In this article, you’ll discover how and also when to use it.