Avonne ColebrookeAfter participating in a Tico Lingo Spanish immersion routine in 2018, Avonne determined to remain in Costa Rica and pursue a career in journalism in the tourism sector in Costa Rica!

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It to be my first day of class at Tico Lingo. Ns was nervous, excited…everything in between. I had actually just landed from brand-new York twelve hrs prior through nothing much more in mine vocabulary 보다 “hola” and also “bueno”. Come say the least, having an expertise of what “tico” supposed was method beyond me. After a healthy and balanced dosage that the finest coffee ~ above the planet, the class started with some Costa Rican essentials — “Pura Vida” and “Tico”.“Tico” easily fascinated me and also became among my favorite terms throughout my trip. Upon analysis the term, i hadn’t a proviso what that meant. Is it a city? possibly an accent? In reality, “Tico” is usually a term the Costa Ricans affectionately use to describe themselves and also the things roughly them. Simply as Felix was a ‘German’ and also Kima was a “Canadian”, Freddy, our professor, was a “Tico”.

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Likewise, it deserve to be included to adjectives to make them sound cute, affectionate, and little (more on this later).