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A leading actor or actress showing up in a movie, top top stage, etc., with one more or rather of equal importance.

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‘There was a specifically touching moment when the floor was opened up to questions and an yonsi woman presented herself as one of Pinsent"s very first co-stars ~ above stage.’‘Benigni"s film and his co-star, the son actor Giorgio Cantarini, are very much in the tradition of the neo-realist dependency on the reaction of children.’‘He to be backed by one of his co-stars, british actress, Saffron Burrows, who agreed that ‘the eternal concern of the futility that war’ was at the heart of Troy.’‘With much much less stage time than her co-stars, she considers the play come be she perfect introduction to theatre.’‘He is pretty much an same co-star in The Pink Panther Strikes Again, the third and funniest that the series.’‘Take a minute to quiz the staff and also they"ll gladly regale friend of the occasion when the Lethal Weapon star dragged his co-star glen Close follow me there come sample their sizeable haddock.’‘Tanya, pink satin jacket fitting she petite frame perfectly, intimidated her co-star from throughout the stage.’‘Marilyn Monroe had actually bought the film civil liberties with a see to inviting Olivier come be her co-star and also director.’‘He has actually by much the most complicated character with his co-stars faring quite worse.’‘His face expressions and advertisement libs were enough to get his co-stars to rest character and audiences come bust a gut.’‘First, Branagh throws open the stage, refusing to limit himself and his co-stars come the narrow confines of classic staging, all the while staying faithful come the spirit of Shakespeare.’‘He turned under the function after learning that his co-star would be Clark Gable.’‘Not only has she dated a collection of co-stars, fellow actors and directors, she"s open minded gushed about them in interviews.’‘It"s been tape-recorded that during the food of make this movie you had actually a little of funny playing helpful jokes on one of your co-stars.’‘His organic demeanor have the right to seem a tad tepid, but at least he"s no trying to be a jittery homespun Hepburn like his well known co-star.’‘The contrast between skilful actors and also their overwhelmed co-stars hurts the in its entirety experience.’‘It"s frustrating to clock him bring every step while his co-stars gain given for this reason little.’‘The Behind the scenes featurette is nothing much more than a fellow actor"s love letter to their canine co-star.’‘Critics, co-stars and also superstar girlfriend remained extensively loyal come him during this turbulent period.’‘The remainder of his concern emerged over his co-stars who were steeped in technique acting because that which Gable had little time.’