One the the most renowned words in the Japanese language and also which go not have actually a literal meaning translation is daijoubu (daijōbu) i m sorry is written using the ideograms 大丈夫 (だいじょうぶ). This word is regularly translated as “don't problem or everything is fine“, however in this short article we will try to investigate more the definition and uses of this word.

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The expression daijoubu it have the right to be one adjective, one adverb and also noun provided in questions and also answers and also different cases in the Japanese language. This expression has additionally become famous in the West because of otaku and anime. That is widely used in solution to world asking or questioning if they have the right to do something.


Other famous ways to disapprove something room kekkou desu <結構です> or iidesu <良いです> the first word literally method splendid, good, wonderful, sufficient and quite. The 2nd word literally means good and is usually used well beyond a simple one is an excellent to reject something (it deserve to have the opposite effect).

Phrases and also expressions using daijōbu

To finish the article, we will leave some instance sentences that usage the expression daijoubu. Ns hope you appreciated the article and also appreciate the comments and shares.

My mom said she to be fine.母は大丈夫だと言ったHaha wa daijōbuda come itta
It's more than likely all right.多分大丈夫ですTabun daijōbu desu
Are you feeling good?気分は大丈夫ですかKibun wa daijōbudesuka
it is all good?全て大丈夫ですかSubete daijōbudesuka
Only the water is fine.その水は飲でも大丈夫です。Sleep mizu wa in demo daijōbudesu.
It'll be okay to hurry.急がば大丈夫ですIsogaba daijōbudesu
I am no well (formal).大丈夫じゃありませんDaijoubujyaarimasen
I'm not well.

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Everything will be alright.きっと大丈夫だよKitto daijobu dayo
Is everything okay for tomorrow?明日は大丈夫ですかAshita wa daijobu desu ka?
Is it it s okay to ask?お願いしても大丈夫ですかOnegaishitemo daijobudesu ka?
Are girlfriend alright?大丈夫なのかdaijoubunanoka