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Japanese dog names room beautiful, unique and meaningful – an excellent choice for her dog.

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You can rest assured that no various other pup in ~ the dog park will have actually the exact same name!


Female Japanese Dog Names

These female name are popular in the country and make beautiful Japanese dog names.

Akira – bright / clearKiko – chronical childKimi – nobleChieko – son of intelligence, wisdomChika – scatter flowersChiyo – one thousand generationsYuina – bind togetherYuka – gentle flowerChiyoko – boy of a thousands generationsTomiko – boy of wealth, fortuneTomomi – beautiful friendCeiko – child of splendorEmi – beautiful blessingEmiko – beautiful blessing childEri – blessed prizeHanako – flower childHaru – springAkemi – bright beautifulAkiko – bright childHaruko – spring childHaruna – feather vegetablesHideko – son of excellenceAiko – son of loveAiri – love jasmineHikari – light, radianceHina – sun vegetablesHiro – generousHiroko – generous childHiromi – generous beautyHisako – boy of lengthy lifeMana – loveManami – loving beautifulMasa – simply / trueHitomi – pupil that the eyeHoshiko – star childMao – run cherry blossomMariko – true town childHotaru – fireflyIzumi – spring, fountainKamiko – remarkable childKatsumi – victorious beautyKazuko – child of harmonyKazumi – harmonious beautyKeiko – blessed son / respectful childMiwa – beautiful hamony, peaceMiyako – beautiful night childMiyu – beautiful gentleKimiko – empress childKiyomi – pure beautyKumiko – long-time beautiful childKyo – cooperationYoshiko – kid of goodnessYua – binding loveEtsuko – child of joyFumiko – son of numerous beautyHana – flowerKyoko – respectful childMadoka – circle, roundMai – danceMaiko – son of danceMaki – true hopeMakoto – sincereMami – true beautyMasumi – true clarityMayumi – true tenderness beautyHonoka – harmony flowerHoshi – starMi – beautifulMichi – pathwayMichiko – beautiful way childMidori – greenMieko – beautiful blessing childMiho – protected, guaranteed beautyYuri – lilyYuriko – lily childYuuna – gentleMiku – beautiful skyMinako – beautiful childShizuko – quiet childSora – skySumiko – child of clarityMinori – truthMio – beautiful cherry blossomMisaki – beautiful blossomMitsuko – boy of lightMitsuru – satisfy, fullMiyuki – beautiful blessingMomoka – peach tree flowerMoriko – boy of the forestNana – sevenNanami – seven seasTamiko – child of numerous beautiesTeruko – glowing childNao – honestNaoko – ethical childYumi – reason beautifulYumiko – reason beautiful childRina – jasmineRio – town cherry blossomMika – beautiful fragranceMiki – beautiful princessNaomi – moral beautifulNatsuki – summer hopeNatsumi – beautiful summerNobuko – faithful, trustworthy childNoriko – lawful childShinju – pearlShiori – poemYoshie – beautiful streamYui – tie clothingRen – lotus / loveRika – true fragranceRiko – kid of truthRin – dignifiedRyoko – refresh childSachiko – joyful, happy childYasuko – kid of peaceYoko – kid of sunlightYoshi – happy / righteousSaki – blossom of hopeSakura – cherry blossomSatoko – wise childSatomi – beautiful and also wiseShigeko – growing childShika – deerAsuka – morning perfume, fragranceAyame – irisAyano – mine colorShizuka – quiet summerSuzu – bellYukari – beautiful pear treeYuki – pleasure / snowSuzume – sparrowTakako – noble childYukiko – boy of eye / kid of happinessYuko – gentle childTakara – treasureAsami – morning beautyToshiko – clever childUmeko – plum childWakana – harmonious musicYasu – peace

Japanese Dog Names motivated by Geography

For an ext Japanese dog names, let’s revolve to popular locations in the country.

Tokyo– the capital and also most heavily populated city the JapanOsaka– among the country’s biggest cities.Kobe– the sixth-largest city in Japan, close to Osaka.Kyoto– a city located in cental Japan.Kawasakia populous citylocated in between Tokyo and Yokohama.Fuji– another city in main Japan, not as well far method from Tokyo.Fushimi– a shrine in Kyoto.Ashi– as in Lake Ashi, a scenic body of water.Oki – prefer Okinawa, a chain of more than a hundred tiny islands in the southwest the mainland JapanSapporo – Japan’s fifth largest cityYoko – Yokohama is located just south that the country’s funding Tokyo

Cities, counties and landmarks make funny dog names. Right here are much more ideas.

Japanese Dog NamesBased on well-known Food & Drinks

Another an excellent way to uncover cool Japanese dog names is to look at popular dishes and drinks.

Sushi– walk you understand that sushi, atype of food preparation combining rice and ingredients prefer raw seafood and also vegetables– source in Japan?Sake–a Japanese rice wine.Soba–the Japanese name for buckwheat. It’s frequently used because that noodles.Ramen – a Japanese soup dish.Tempura–a Japanese food of seafood or vegetables that have actually been battered and also deep fried.Udon– a kind of thick wheat flour noodle the Japanese cuisine.Sashimi–a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh life meat or fish sliced right into thin pieces.Manju– a renowned Japanese confection do from boiled beans and sugar.Ryokucha– a Japanese eco-friendly tea.

Check out other renowned foods and also beverages in Japan for more inspiration.

Anime Dog Names

If you’re into anime these Anime dog names can be the perfect surname for your pup. This are several of our favourite dogs & dog personalities from the people of Anime.

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Akamaru – Kiba’s dog indigenous NarutoAlexander – native Fullmetal AlchemistApo – Hibito’s pug native Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)Armageddon – indigenous Hayate no Gotoku! CutiesBee – native Dragon round ZBlack Hayate – Riza’s dog from full Metal Alchemist: BrotherhoodBlue – indigenous Wolf’s RainEin – Data dog indigenous Cowboy BebopDen Rockbell – native Fullmetal AlchemistGin – Akita Inu from Ginga Nagareboshi GinGuts – pug from kill la KillHeen – Errand dog of Madam Sulliman native Howl’s moving CastleIggy – Boston Terrier native JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)Kazuhito Harumi – Dachshund from Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog & Scissors)Koromaru – Albino Shiba Inu indigenous Persona 3 the Movie 1: feather of BirthMaru – Stray dog indigenous Kimi ni TodokeMenchi – Excel’s dog native Heppoko Jikken computer animation Excel SagaPakkun – Ninja dog indigenous NarutoPluto – from black ButlerPotato – Fluffy stray puppy native AirSadaharu – Yorozuya’s dog indigenous GintamaShiro – Momotaru’s dog from Hoozuki no ReitetsuTadakichi-san – White great Pyrenees indigenous Azumanga DaiohTetsuya #2 – Tetsuya’s pets dog & mascot of the Seirin Team indigenous Kuroko no BasketTobimaru – Shiba Inu indigenous Stranger: Mukou Hada (Sword of the Stranger)Wanta – indigenous Effen Lied

Japanese dog names room a beautiful selection for your pup. If you have actually a Japanese breed, friend should definitely consider among these options. And also even if her dog doesn’t have actually Japanese origins, you need to still inspect these out.