The Diagnostic and also Statistical hands-on of psychological Disorders (DSM–5) is the product of much more than 10 year of effort by numerous international specialists in all elements of psychological health. Their dedication and also hard work have actually yielded an decisive volume the defines and classifies psychological disorders in bespeak to improve diagnoses, treatment, and also research.

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Changes come ICD-10-CM Codes because that DSM–5 Diagnoses

Understand the changes and be prepared. Coding updates to the ICD-10-CM walk in impact October 1, 2021.

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Educational Resources

Find online assessment measures, truth sheets and webinars.

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Updates come DSM–5 Criteria, Text, & ICD-10 Codes

Access resources, uncover updates come DSM–5 criteria and also text, find coding updates, learn around reimbursement worries and aid with the shift to ICD-10.

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Submit Proposals because that Making transforms to DSM–5

Learn just how to suggest changes, corrections and also clarifications to the DSM–5.

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Submit Feedback and also Ask Questions

Send us your questions, provide feedback and also view generally asked questions.

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Learn about the advancement of DSM–5

DSM–5 is the standard group of mental disorders offered by mental health experts in the unified States. Learn much more about the development of DSM–5, vital criteria and history.

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Let us know if you space unable to discover a source found ~ above the ahead website through contacting united state at dsm5 or 1-888-357-PSYCH (1-888-357-7924).

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New features and enhancements make DSM–5 much easier to use throughout all settings.

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