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You understand that Disney World"s Epcot functions futuristic attractions and also yummy global fare—but execute you recognize what that is name actually means?

When girlfriend hear the wosmashville247.net “Epcot,” girlfriend probably instantly think the the gigantic golf ball–like structure in the Disney park—even if you’ve never set foot in Disney World. But what walk the wosmashville247.net “Epcot” actually mean, if anything? This is a concern that also Disney aficionados may not understand the answer to. Is the an yes, really wosmashville247.net, or one coined through the powers-that-be at Disney? Or is it not a wosmashville247.net at all, but an acronym? and also if it’s an acronym, what walk Epcot was standing for?

Well, come answer the an initial question, no, “Epcot” is not a wosmashville247.net exterior of the paper definition of Disney. Girlfriend won’t uncover “epcot” in online dictionaries, even as a appropriate noun. So let’s dive into the history of the park to find out just how it gained its name. Disney fanatics will additionally want to understand these 23 Disney secrets.

What walk EPCOT stand for?

First that all, yes, EPCOT is an acronym. It represents “Experimental Prototype ar of Tomorrow.” If you’re wondering, Huh? you’re not alone—it’s most likely not what you intended for the main name the this template park. Yet that’s because, at its an extremely beginnings, Epcot actually wasn’t supposed to it is in a design template park but, indeed, a community.

The background of Epcot

It was Walt Disney himself that came up through the acronym EPCOT. In the late 1950s and also early ’60s, Disneyland, in California, had been up and also running because that a couple of years. Walt was trying to expand his reach past the film and also theme park industry. He’d become fascinated through the American city and had to be floating the idea the some kind of utopian ar where engineers, inventors, and creative types would certainly work and also live together, sharing ideas to aid usher in a better future.

In fact, this community was originally planned to it is in a significant part of the “project” Walt and also his firm, WED companies (today called “Walt Disney Imagineering”), were pursuing in Florida. The “Florida Project” would be an East shore Disney park, yes, because California was too far for much of the U.S. Population to sensibly travel. However the “Experimental Prototype ar of Tomorrow,” Walt’s passion project, would certainly be a major part that the park. Walt envisioned a actual city, there is no of crime, unemployment, and those pesky automobiles that developed traffic and pollution. Civilization would live in it, and guests could also visit it.

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So then exactly how did we get, instead, a full-blown template park, with futuristic rides, globetrotting attractions, and a killer fireworks show (not that we’re complaining)?

Well, Walt’s arrangement was galaxy-brained to say the least, no to point out a small arrogant because Walt had no suffer in metropolitan planning. And the odd exhibitionist nature the the theme-park-attraction/real-life-city hybrid facet didn’t sit well with executives either. ~ Walt passed away, rather unexpectedly, in 1966, the rest of WED enterprises wasn’t sure how to move forwasmashville247.net through the city or whether such a living neighborhood would truly work as he’d envisioned it. Walt Disney world opened in 1971 through the Magic Kingdom and the EPCOT ide was put on the earlier burner until 1974. In the year, Disney chairman Casmashville247.net walker announced that it to be time to relocate forwasmashville247.net with Epcot, albeit a really different one from exactly what Walt envisioned. Lock did embrace many of his ideas and also themes because that the park, consisting of his forwasmashville247.net-thinking emphasis on innovation and also technology, which permeates the park’s attractions. And, that course, they kept the name! Learn much more about exactly how Walt’s vision stays on in Epcot now in the publication Walt Disney’s EPCOT: producing the brand-new World of Tomorrow. Find out an ext differences in between Disneyland vs. Disney World.

Epcot today

When Epcot opened in 1982, it to be originally referred to as EPCOT Center, a name that better reflected that acronym-ness. In 1993, though, the name adjusted to just “Epcot,” and it’s remained that way. Top top Disney World’s website, “Epcot” in reality isn’t composed in all caps, i beg your pardon would indicate that it’s no an acronym. This may have kept girlfriend guessing and wondering what the “Epcot” definition was. Well, now you know!

Today, Epcot is a renowned stop for Disney people travelers and contains several of the resort’s ideal dining experiences. Its human being Showcase—inspired by Walt Disney’s love the the World’s Fair—has 11 “country” pavilions filled v attractions, restaurants, and shops, an idea and also design the was component of Walt’s original city plan. Epcot hosts an yearly International Food & alcohol Festival, and the Spaceship planet “golf ball” is one of the most recognizable Disney symbols. A Moana-themed water attraction, a Ratatouille ride influenced by the one in Disneyland Paris, and a Wreck-It Ralph–themed “Play! Pavilion” are simply some that the new attractions that will certainly be becoming component of Epcot in the near future. Us bet Epcot will be a an excellent place to be for the Disney people 50th anniversary!